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NEWS RELEASE · 6th October 2010
BC First

Letter attached below

The BC First Party has requested an investigation by Conflict of Interest Commissioner, Mr. Paul Fraser Q.C., into public expenditures totaling between $10,000 and $16,000.00 by BC Premier Gordon Campbell to attend a self described “strictly personal” conference in Spain from June 3-6, 2010.

The conference, hosted by the ultra-secretive Bilderberg Group, is a private gathering of world elites from business, banking, media and politics to discuss “global issues”. BC First spokesman Chris Delaney says FOI documents recently obtained by his party indicate the conference was a private event, and that Gordon Campbell was not allowed to attend in his official capacity as premier of BC.

“The letter to the premier says the invitation to him is ‘strictly personal’. He was not allowed to take a spouse, substitute a replacement, or take any government staff. The contents of the meeting were also classified, and no reports or documents from the meeting were made public,” said Delaney.

Delaney says his party believes the use of government funds to pay for a private trip is a clear conflict of interest. He says there is no public benefit to having the premier attend a closed meeting when the contents of that meeting are not available to taxpayers.

“This was not a trade mission. It was not a visit to a foreign head of state. It was not an informational meeting for the benefit of British Columbians. It appears to have been a personal networking exchange with other globalists who would like to use their power and influence to drive agendas which may or may not be of benefit to British Columbians,” said Delaney.

Delaney says another high profile Canadian, Peter Mansbridge of CBC TV, regarded the meeting as “personal” and paid his own expenses to attend.

Delaney says the premier has taken exception to the BC First Party characterizing his trip as “strictly personal”, claiming he was acting on behalf of all British Columbians.

“The characterization is not ours. Those are the words used by Bilderberg in the invitation to Gordon Campbell. Calling that misinformation is suggesting the people who invited Mr. Campbell to the conference deliberately misrepresented their own meeting.”

“If the meeting was an official one by the premier, then what did the people get out of it? What specific ideas or concepts did Mr. Campbell learn about and bring back that all of us can benefit from?” asked Delaney.

“If there is no report, no documentation and no communiqués on what the premier said, what others in attendance said, or what if anything was concluded at the meeting, then it was nothing more than a political bull session by billionaires and elites. Frankly, it’s hard to imagine why British Columbians would want to spend thousands of dollars for something as vacuous and useless as that. So we’ve decided to ask the Conflict Commissioner to determine just what kind of meeting this was based on the evidence, and to make a ruling.”

Delaney says he has asked the BC Conflict of Interest Commissioner to determine the following:

a) Did the premier use public funds to finance his attendance at a private conference?

b) Did the premier receive a personal benefit in the form of accommodations and/or meals for the conference?

c) Did the premier file a proper ‘statement of disclosure’ for any personal benefits he may have received?

d) Was the premier in a conflict of interest, or even the “appearance” of a conflict of interest by ordering government funds be used for what was described in the invitation as a “strictly personal” meeting.

“We look forward to the Commissioner’s ruling, and hope he will do a thorough job investigating this very serious potential breach of the guidelines,” Delaney concluded.