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REPORTING · 8th October 2010
Walter McFarlane
(see bolded text)

The Kitimat Community Telethon, which will be held on October 17th at 11:00 am, is starting to take shape for 2010. Thus far, they have had three meetings to prepare and the first was on Wednesday September 8th.

Since our last article in June work has been done to transform the ‘Telethon Society’ into ‘The Kitimat Community Foundation’. They have contacted Revenue Canada to let them know they are changing their purpose. The next step is to amend the Constitution and Bylaws and send them into the Societies Act of BC. With their current Constitution and Bylaws, they can only fundraise through the Telethon.

“We’ve really got a good foundation to move forward,” said Margaret Warcup. “If we are to move forward with a community foundation, it gives us the opportunity to apply, and the City has already given us support to apply to Northern Development to have matching funds to have $50,000 for the next two years.”

A Community Foundation supports ‘Not for Profit’ organizations in the human/social services sector and can have separate funds for memorial funds, for scholarship or an equipment fund for hospitals. Service clubs and businesses can also put money into the Community Foundation.

In addition to that, Prince Rupert is looking to create a corridor partnership of Community Foundations. This will allow the groups to apply for better grants although the money fundraised through the Kitimat foundation will remain in Kitimat.

Into the Telethon meeting itself, it was announced Monique Miller would be able to host it if the people of Kitimat could bring her up.

There was a major change as City West had gone digital. Jean Nidd reported everything televised in Kitimat would also appear in Terrace (and Vice Versa). Unfortunately, several parts of the town had not been rewired for digital including the High School. This would mean money would need to be invested before they could host the Telethon. As a new feature, the Kitimat Daily is planning to live stream the Telethon online.

A Hollywood theme was suggested based on old dry grad decoration with several suggestions for titles: “Catch us in the Act” and “Kitimat: Still Acting”. Despite the appeal of the names, the committee was asked to consider other decisions for a week.

The meeting on Wednesday, September 15th began with finalization of the Slogan, “Catch us in the Act” which had been publicly announced as the slogan prior to the meeting. Following this, the best news was announced. The Telethon will be televised with no upgrade to the schools.

“We met with Chris Cain in terms of what could happen this year as we need fibre optic cable into the theatre. He can do it as usual this year but it will be next year that we have to have the fibre optic cable in,” said Warcup.

It was also confirmed Wednesday that Monique Miller will in fact be hosting the Telethon as the committee will be flying her up from Vancouver courtesy of Mayor Joanne Monaghan and Hawkair.

The rest of the meeting and the following meeting on September 23rd has involved finding other people to help out with the various duties carried out behind the scenes and a few others in front of them.

So far 25 acts have confirmed they will be performing and the problems with the cable have been worked out. There will be a display of Telethon history and new video inserts detailing where the money goes.