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NEWS RELEASE · 27th September 2010
Ministry of Advanced Education
Where will the 'dream jobs' of the future be found? And how can parents help their children prepare for these exciting and rewarding careers? As our world moves firmly into a knowledge-based economy, more and more jobs will need at least some post-secondary education, and some of the best of these will be firmly rooted in an understanding of mathematics, sciences, engineering and technologies.

Here are some tips to help engage eager young minds and build a solid foundation for a great career:

* Encourage curiosity. For younger children, try building blocks, puzzles, Lego and other toys that stimulate creative thinking and problem solving.
* Encourage activities. Research shows that a variety of physical activities helps build brain connections. Working with modelling clay or play dough is an especially good way for children to grow new connections, developing agility and hand brain coordination.
* Recognize that children begin counting at a very early age and encourage their efforts by asking them to help with math related questions found in day-to-day activities.
* Look for science related things to do, especially those that offer "hands-on" experiences like rock hunting, looking at pond water through a magnifying glass, going to science camp, or even looking at the science used in creating a meal.
* Introduce science-related stories at reading time, or for older children, consider subscriptions to magazines that help link their interests and the sciences.
* Science fairs create a great opportunity for youth to explore their own areas of interest. If your child's school is hosting a fair, encourage your child to participate and celebrate their accomplishments.
* If you have friends or family who work in a science or technology related field, encourage them to talk with your child about their experiences and how their interests were first sparked.

B.C. has proclaimed the 2010-11 school year, the Year of Science in B.C. Discover how thrilling science can be at our website Here you will find information about new and exciting things going on across the province to showcase how science works, who scientists are, the kinds of work they do, and why science matters in the our everyday lives and in the communities we live. Visit often, we will continually updating the information as the year unfolds.