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NEWS RELEASE · 22nd September 2010
Friends of Wild Salmon
Enbridge’s refusal to attend public forums raises questions about how the company would work with communities if its Northern Gateway pipeline were to go ahead, say concerned residents with the group Friends of Wild Salmon.

Enbridge spokesperson Michelle Perett recently informed the City of Terrace it would not attend open community forums.

“Communities deserve fair, balanced dialogue, not just one-sided public relations exercises,” said Pat Moss with Friends of Wild Salmon. “If this is how Enbridge’s people are going to behave in the assessment phase, what does it say about how they will treat our communities down the road?”

The groups say having a balanced forum is important because the information Enbridge is presenting to communities is at times inconsistent with that presented by independent third parties.

“The way Enbridge characterizes its project is heavily biased in favour of its own corporate goals. Our communities deserve to have this corporate message balanced with independent research and first-hand accounts,” said Moss.

“Enbridge needs to demonstrate a greater degree of integrity and respect for the people who live in this region,” said Julia Hill, a member of the Friends of Wild Salmon steering committee. “We live here, we know this area, and we will be the ones who have to live with the consequences of our development decisions.”

In a letter to the City of Terrace, Enbridge stated it would not attend the forums because they felt they would not be “a setting where productive communication and dialogue can take place.”

“Suggesting municipalities can’t host productive dialogues is ridiculous,” said Hill. “In our experience, the vast majority of people in our communities value civility and personal respect, and will ensure these are upheld in public forums. What is it that Enbridge is afraid of?”

The groups say they will work with municipalities to ensure community forums go ahead regardless of Enbridge’s attendance.
To the Editor
Comment by Leon Dumstrey-Soos on 24th September 2010
INTEGRITY is a word of powerfull meaning, I believe! So, if parties have conflict it is unfair and unrealistic if both do not have same or any INTEGRITY.Ofcourse no HYPOCRACY as well!

In my opinion,
In case of the ENBRIDGE OPOSERS,perhaps they should shed themselves of any ELEMENTS that are made out of OIL,to prove their INTEGRITY
in their protests!
Thank you
Raises integrity questions
Comment by Tracy Petley on 23rd September 2010
What a joke. Enbridge is not interested in being put on the spot and asked for answers that they don't have. There simply is no way they can guarantee no spills or breaks or tanker leaks. They want to build a pipeline in an earthquake, mudslide area that in the winter they will be unable to get anywhere near. Spring will be out too. We know the weather here our main highway is closed almost everytime it snows if we can't get from Terrace to Kitimat how the hell will they get to their pipeline. How many weeks or months till they could get there? By then the damage is long done. We have sites where gas trucks have went off the highway and still nothing grows there after 3 or 4 years. Gas station sites that after 8 years are still under lock and key because of contamination. The weather in the channel when its bad is far worse and the tide would send a spill a long way and with the size of the tankers it would be disaster for the whole Northwest coast and it wouldn't stop there. Also our rain forrest filters alot of Carbon monoxide but if China starts burning what they plan to ship our forests wont be able to keep up. If we have to have the tar sands refine the product here and sell it to Canadians. Reduce the carbon footprint for us. I already pay a high price for gas. But I am not willing to pay the price for shipping fuel from the tar sands to asia across canada the risks are too large. As Canadians we only lose in this enterprise its all about money. We should be able to compete in the global market place but are often unable too. Its because most of our materials are exported and then imported back to us as usable goods. We need to take care of our own countries needs as much as possible. Tell all your politicians to push to stop the outflow of our resources, brain power ect... to other countries. We have 14 distinct maternal lines of coastal wolf in the northwest and the us has a total of 2. It is because of our ecosystem and the fact that the wolves still have decent habitat. This is only one animal in the area. Don't let oil or pipeline companies ruin one of the last true functioning rain forests.