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REPORTING · 21st September 2010
Walter McFarlane
On Tuesday, September 7th, Councillor Randy Halyk gave notice of motion to set guidelines for Council based on the advice of George Cuff. At the Committee of the whole meeting on Monday, September 13th, Halyk provided a point form version of the report and made the motion.

In addition, administration provided a recommendation where they considered the problem could already been solved as things had not fallen apart since meeting with cuff. They also provided the George Cuff report and an amalgamation of what Cuff, Halyk and Gottschling had provided to Council.

Halyk explained that, given the recent history of the Council, they do need some sort of Guidelines to follow. The recommendations by George Cuff fit well with the local government act. He stated Council had already agreed to these verbally and now they simply had to put it in writing.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff expressed opposition. He liked the recommendation by administration he suggested they needed to be more respectful in debate. He said they had a good system already.

Councillor Gerd Gottschling pointed out that Council has ran into trouble in the past because they have not acted on the advice of two prior consultants. He expressed if they did not they would repeat this process again and waste more taxpayer dollars. He wanted to go phrase by phrase through the guidelines.

Councillor Bob Corless felt the Council was only broken when someone did not get their way and this happens all the time. He asked them not to take it personally. He also said the items Council is being asked to deal with is the responsibility of the province and the reason people go to Council and not to the province is because people can not get a hold of the people at the province.

Councillor Rob Goffinet felt the forming of the guidelines and adopting them were crucial. He found Halyk’s interpretation to be missing some of the facts and suggested the Councillors provide their own list.

Halyk closed debate by reading the first line of his recommendation asking the Mayor to share her schedule and this led to an argument. The Mayor pointed out she did share but her schedule was so fluid it changed at the drop of a hat. Feldhoff brought council policy forward pointing out Halyk only had five minutes to close arguing he could not go through the entire recommendation at the time.

Hall reminded Council there would be some items they would agree on and some they would not. He suggested Council go into a workshop where they look at if they still have a problem. He pointed out they have not had “an acrimonious blow up since Cuff.”

Halyk pointed out there was still an issue because of the way Council reacted to the reading of the first item.

In the end, Halyk dropped his motion and made a new motion for Council to create a series of guidelines. The motion passed with Feldhoff opposed. For further details on this story, visit