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COMMENTARY · 20th September 2010
Merv Ritchie
Does being a Red Neck mean you have to be stupid?

Indian, First Nation, Indigenous, Aboriginal, Native; even they argue amongst themselves at what they should be called.

Aboriginal actually means ‘before original’, so this doesn’t work. Indian? Well this term was used by the Europeans who first thought they landed in East India, so what are these West Indians? First Nation? That is just so politically correct it makes an Indian want to puke. Native? Well yes, but most people who were born in Canada are native to Canada. So what gives?

And why are Red Necks so stupid?

There is a reality. It is really simple. Maybe even simple enough for some of those who have been elected to Terrace City Council to understand, though we are not taking bets.

The economy of this Northwest corner of British Columbia has been sucking hind wind for over a decade. Those who think they know what they are doing, don’t. The last 15 years has proven this. The idiots of the region, many who consider themselves rednecks, believe it has been because the ’Indians’ have stopped all industrial projects; mining, logging, etc. One extremist, who considers himself a redneck, but is actually a bigot, stated, “We stole the land rightfully from the f’n Indians once before, and we will steal it from them again” He actually believes he will bring the Socreds back to life again.

Personally I do not care what the people of the northwest think about the men, women and children that were living here before the white European settlers arrived. They might think they are useless, drunks, takers, users. Some think they are okay, unique, spiritual, and special. Others are of mixed opinions. It seems the people who live here are a bit of a screwed up lot.

The reality is so stupidly simple even a stupid Redneck should be able to get it.

The region is almost broke. Right?

The politicians are completely brainless to help. Right?

They are even prepared to sacrifice 56,000 jobs that count on the health of the Rivers, Estuaries, Inlets and Ocean for the promise of less then 50 Enbridge pipeline and tanker jobs.

Why the Sacred Circle?

Because everyone that doesn’t live here loves the Indian culture. They want to see drumming, dancing, regalia, chanting, singing. Hell they’d come to see Indians walking across burning hot embers, believing they were in a completely different culture.

This region of BC has something that the world cannot get anywhere else. A thriving culture that is unique and desired.

Just a couple of months ago we discovered an image in the 3 major rivers of the region. A profile, which could be taken to be the image of a native Chief looking East.

One could ‘Poo Poo’ the concept, just shrug it off.

An idiot would jump up and proclaim the Indians have stopped all the industrial development, blockaded roads, stopped all of the sawmills etc etc. An idiot would forget about how both the NDP and the Liberal Governments changed the laws to allow raw log exports. An idiot woud forget about how Danny Vaniez (Darth Vader of the North) destroyed and sold off every last asset of the region using the laws to avoid paying even the little guy. An idiot will remain an idiot. Blaming all the financial hardship on the indians.

The man, the woman, with a semblance of good thought will understand that the majority of the world intelligent population admires the Indian culture; wants to be close to it.

Why the Sacred Circle?

Because if we market this region for what it is, the last thriving Indian, First Nation, Indigenous, Aboriginal, Native, whatever you want to call it; culture to the world, shortly after an industry leader will arrive to take it all in and realize this is a great place to set up a new company plant, factory, industry.

Problem is those in positions of power in the Northwest are idiotic imbeciles without the capacity to see the truth in front of their eyes. They are restrained by their own prejudices.

Even the major rivers of the region provide a marketing opportunity every top quality advertising executive would die for! The profile of a native Chief looking East? Covering the entire Northwest corner of BC?

Just what the hell are you waiting for?

Why the Sacred Circle? Cause it is!

Comment by CEM on 21st September 2014
Just came back from a road trip to southern BC. With all the magnificent roads and cars, it doesn't look like we are going to change our lifestyle for a long time. It will be a long time before we all have electric cars and right now the cost is prohibitive for most consumers. If we don't let the pipelines into Kitimat, it will just go somewhere else. Our young people need jobs here so they don't have to move to the Arctic where there is talk about the pipeline going north.