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REPORTING · 13th September 2010
Walter McFarlane
Kitimat City Council met for their regular meeting of Council on Tuesday, September 7th. All Councillors were present, although, with the upcoming by election, there was one empty seat on Council. Mayor Joanne Monaghan called the meeting to order at 7:30 Pm.

Monaghan welcomed the Terrace Audience to Kitimat Council as this was the first Council Meeting televised in Kitimat and Terrace. She also recognized the Fish Derby and thanked the Chamber of Commerce for all the work they did on the derby.

Tom Campbell took the stand to discuss crude oil politics and the Environment. He wanted to discuss concerns with Council on the topic of crude oil and where they stood. He reminded Council of man made disasters at Chernobyl, Bow Powl India (nuclear carbon plant), the Love Canel, Centralia, Minimatta, the Exxon Valdez spill, Gulf Oil Spill and the Enbridge safety and environmental record.

He asked the Council to consider what would happen if there was an oil spill or tanker accident. He expressed BC was able to avoid man made disasters and refused to be the first. He asked Council where they stood. Monaghan did not ask the Councillors if they had any questions and moved on.

James Archibald stood to speak about MK Bay Marina. Information on this can be found here.

After approving minutes, Council moved on to motions. Gottschling made a motion to write a letter opposing increases to prices of Air Canada airfares and for Council to invite a representative to meet with them. Monaghan expressed Air Canada increased the prices in communities where there was no service from Westjet.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff suggested Council should be careful in how they deal with this. Councillor Randy Halyk pointed out Kitimat has a local service which they do not wish to lose, Hawkair. He suggested they speak with Hawkair. He made an amendment to meet with him. Gottschling asked if Hawkair was remaining the same. The answer was yes. The motion was called and carried unanimously.

The amendment to the parking on Cormorant Streets bylaw was finally adopted. Under reports, Walter McLellan and Shirley Boudreault were named electoral officers for the 2010 by-election.

Under communications, MP Nathan Cullen had offered facilitate between the Kitimat Council and the Kitamaat Village Council. Municipal Manager Trafford Hall suggested Council try to organize the meeting first. Goffinet suggested they make this offer conditional, as long at the Haisla wish Cullen to facilitate. Corless decided to table this for now. The tabling motion was carried.

The next communication was from the Village of Queen Charlotte and their UBCM motions opposing oil tanker traffic. Feldhoff suggested contacting them and expressing Council would remain neutral until the Joint Review Panel finishes their report. Halyk stated the island of Haida Gui is opposing the Enbridge project. He suggested Council acknowledge they are aware of their concerns. Hall stated this was a broadcast to all UBCM members and Council has a similar Broadcast on Industrial taxation. Feldhoff noticed there were three similar motions for UBCM on this topic and suggested they wait for all the facts as it would be premature to make a decision. The motion was carried.

Under new business, Halyk brought forth an item on the finance committee from the For Information Only Package. He suggested Council have a delegation to speak to this. Feldhoff suggested this should be a notice of motion. Monaghan said all these meetings would be discussed at a Committee of the Whole. It became a notice of motion.

Halyk also had a notice of motion regarding for Council to form guidelines so they have a baseline of understanding. This would also be a topic for tonight’s Committee of the whole meeting.

Feldhoff moved to contact the regional district to facilitate a positive outcome for Archibald. He hoped the community could stand behind Archibald. Halyk expressed he was bothered by Archibald going to select members of Council and the rest did not hear about it. Corless expressed he did explain to Council, perhaps while Halyk was away. He offered to explain it again. It was carried.

Feldhoff brought up a late item from a previous motion. The motion had not been carried at a prior meeting after being amended. A building deficiency on Cranberry Street. It was called and carried.