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NEWS RELEASE · 10th September 2010
BC NDP Caucus
New Democrat leader Carole James today highlighted the need for stability and long-term planning to begin addressing the challenges facing the K-12 education system.

James spoke at an event with parents in Kamloops today to highlight the crisis in rural education.

“Over the past few weeks, I’ve travelled the province speaking with our partners in education about what steps we can take to strengthen education and learning. And I heard from parents, teachers, support staff, administrators and boards of education from across B.C. that stability, certainty and long-term planning are critical first steps,” said James.

“Here in Kamloops, it’s no different. Rural families here are bearing the brunt of the B.C. Liberal government’s mismanagement and short-sighted cuts. Parents are being forced to choose between bussing their children more than an hour each way, or keep their rural school but without key resources like a principal, librarian and support staff. It’s a no-win situation."

James added that the provincial government's downloading of unfunded costs is having a direct impact on kids and their education. Whether it's the cancellation of annual facilities grants or downloading of new costs like higher hydro rates and MSP premiums, B.C.'s kids are paying the price.

“What B.C. needs is a government that’s prepared to make education a priority and work with boards of education to ensure they have the ability to meet the needs of B.C. students, no matter where they live.”
K-12 Public Education System
Comment by S.Jackson on 12th September 2010
With every decision a government makes, with every opposing view taken on by the opposition, one has to keep in mind hidden agenda. The BC Liberal government's not-so-well hidden "master plan" is to privitize the education system. Privitization of services such as our ambulance service or private clincis and hospitals were the rich get treatment first are NOT in the best public interest. Privitization of curriculum planning, as is done in the US, or of over half the public schools in province such as Ontario, is NOT in the best public interest. Hello people! Privately equals profit-driven. Privately run means a few people are getting rich, while so many are doing without or making do with less. Private schools, just like home-schooling, also means an attact one of the basic tenets of our democratic and multicultural society; All men (and women) are created equal.