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CONTRIBUTION · 25th August 2010
Margaret Sanou
Television cameras were rolling in Kitimat last week when Oh Boy productions was in town filming a new television show, "North of 49 - A Guide to the Rest of Your Life", which will begin to air on Victoria's CHEK TV on September 24th at 7:30 pm.

In May, producer, writer, director and host of the show, Stuart McNish, contacted Diane Hewlett. Manager of the Economic Promotion and Investor Services Department of the District of Kitimat, and put forward the idea of hosting one of the show's weekly episodes from Kitimat. Diane brought the opportunity to the Retire in Kitimat Task Force and over the next few months arrangements were made for filming to take place in Kitimat on August 19, 20 and the morning of August 21.

North of 49 is a news magazine show that examines issues related to being 49 plus. Show host, Stu McNish, takes viewers throught a myriad of topics related to aging well and living a long, healthy, productive and meaningful life into your 80's and beyond. The website has clips of an episode that has been completed.

The episodes include five segments- Person of the Week, Travel, Lifestyle, Health and Money. In the episode filmed in Kitimat, which will air on October 15th, the "person" of the week will be Corinne and Ian Scott who came from Alberta to retire in Kitimat three years ago. The Scotts are avid boaters and fishers. Corinne has become very involved with community work in Kitimat including the Retire in Ktimat Task Force. Before retiring, Corinne worked for the Northern Alberta Development Authority. The knowledge and skills that she has brought from that experience have been extremely valuable to the task force.

During the remainder of the episode, the host will refer back to the Scotts and to what Kitimat has to offer retirees as he and experts discuss the benefits for retirees who are considering moving to a northern town such as Kitimat and what they need to look for in their prospective new community to insure a successful and happy retirement.

Oh Boy is in negotiations with a number of other independent television stations that will hopefully buy and air "North of 49" in the new year.
Showcasing Kitimat
Comment by Corinne Scott on 26th August 2010
Great article Margaret! Kitimat is a wonderful community and it's nice to see 'positive' things happening. This type of exposure can do nothing but good putting Kitimat on the map, as a great place to live.

In reply to the previous comment, I say yes, we need to ensure that our pristine location and amenities are protected in an intelligent, informed way. Fear mongering of big bad industry without 'facts' is not the way to accomplish anything.

Kitimat only exists because of big industry (Rio Tinto Alcan) establishing a smelter here, and they have worked hard over the years reducing their emmissions and being excellent corporate citizens. The smelter does not deter from the quality of life, but in fact their presence enhances the amenities in Kitimat.

We would not have the excellent and abundant recreation facilities, transit system, hospital, etc. without large industry - so lets welcome new residents and business opportunities in an informed and thoughtful, planned, manner. We don't need negativity - it's a drain on everyone's soul and mind.

Keep up the good work with your Task Force to attract new residents, and keep the people that have worked here and made Kitimat their home, as happy retirees that don't want to move away.
pipe line stacks
Comment by rj morhart on 25th August 2010
what about the stacks that will burn off excess Gas`s,at the loading location dow the channel. Not much of a retirement with out the polution been burnt off.the southerly winds will bring in them toxics off the stacks been burnt off into the community. embridge has not disclosed how many stack it will need to do so.i guess what you don`t know wouldn`t kill you,what about the health comcerns relate to these toxic`s. sicking to see how things are covered up,to push the pipe line here to kitimat. look at the stacks in alberta, 100 plus feet burning into the atmosphere,green/blue/yellow flames burning 24 hours around the clock. Stongly think that the elderly will have health problems. i`d think twice before moving some where that would be a contribing factors of shorting your life span. what ever,your choice to bringing the pipie line here. I SAY NO, unsafe.