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REPORTING · 17th August 2010
Walter McFarlane
The Kitimat City Council met on August 3rd for their regular meeting of Council. Not present was Councillor Richard McLaren. Mayor Joanne Monaghan Called the meeting to order at 7:30 Pm. She displayed a plaque which was awarded for the transmission line.

Paul Silvester took the stand to talk about the lack of Sidewalks and walkways on Quatsino Boulavard. He said the sidewalks do not extend to Cranberry Street and there is no safe crossing across the street.

After approving minutes, Council moved on to bylaws. Council passed 3rd reading of the Parking Amendment Bylaw for Cormorant.

The Western Canadian Fastball Championships received their travel grant request. Halyk wanted to know what was left in the budget for these programs. Zoë Moulder commented it was a large budget. Feldhoff moved to endorse wildfire application to receive funding through UBCM. Halyk wanted to know what Council’s plans for the money were. Feldhoff said he understood they would develop this plan.

Trent Bossence, Acting Fire Chief explained they had to apply for the grant before they make the plan, although he is looking at areas around Kitimat which have a high risk for wildfires.

Corless moved to approve a 1 year extension to Glacier Concrete’s Temporary Building Permit, the TECUP for Picture Framing on Yukon Street, a TINUP for All West Trading to operate their log sort yard, a TINUP application for John’s Contracting Gravel pit were all approved.

Halyk expressed concern over the retail space in town and pondered if the picture framing business could have a retail space. Feldhoff felt the concerns went beyond the renewal of the TECUP. The two of them debated this issue. Goffinet expressed people with empty stores could be recruit people with TECUPs. Feldhoff said he was a supporter of home based businesses. The motion was called and carried.

Feldhoff introduced an amendment on noise in relation into the TINUP for All West Trading. The amendment was carried. Halyk was concerned about this because he was not sure the community wanted raw logs shipped. He suggested this was an opportunity to stand and say: “Stop shipping our jobs out of Canada.”

Goffinet agreed but seconded it because he felt for the Eurocan Viability study to succeed, they need to allow the loggers to operate. Halyk said they could make a difference with this TINUP and put some pressure on the provincial government.

Council motioned to sell 187 7th street. Council then approved the statement of accounts for June. Continuing through reports were the George Cuff Reports, the motion was made by Feldhoff but was originally brought in by Gottschling.

Gottschling said this was essential to clarify the roll of the Mayor and Council. He asked why Council is fighting amount themselves. He pointed out the council was experienced; they know the rules but ignore proper conduct.

Feldhoff accused Gottschling of surprising Council, he disagreed with some of the things and he looked forward to meeting with Cuff. Monaghan thanked him for calling her “incompetent” and accused him of lying. She stated they need to work together rather then being at each others throats. Corless requested council stick to the motion which was called and carried with Gottschling opposed, Council moved on.

Goffinet motioned to write the Ministry of Industry to request reinstatement of the mandatory long form census data collection. The notice was carried, Feldhoff was opposed.

The next motion was to notice to title on 1 Cranberry Street because the roof was not up to code. There was a motion to table this which was defeated with no seconder. Hall said if they did not apply this, they would condemn the building. The motion was carried, again with Feldhoff opposed.

A final TINUP for JHW construction was carried. Moving onto communications, the letter regarding the UBCM from Premier Gordon Campbell and the Canadian Postal Services Charter was received for information.

The Royal Canadian Legions Veteran’s Recognition Ad was discussed. Council voted to allow individual Councillors to contribute if inclined

The final communication resulted in Goffinet Motioning to write a letter of support to the BC Recreation and Parks Association. It was carried.

Onto new business, Halyk addressed concerns the Council was not apprised of who the grant writer would be. Monaghan said the Grant Writer went into the hands of Margaret Warcup of the Child Development Centre..

Halyk’s next topic was on the North Coastal CAB overview. He expressed concerned with Dianne Hewlett working for Enbridge as president of CAB. Hewlett said there are CAB’s across the province. She said she was not at a meeting where her name was put forward and was asked to present on the CAB itself. Hall wanted to bring the concern back.

Halyk then brought forward an email to council with Dear Alliance Members. This puzzled Council. Corless said this alliance was Mayors who were in favour of the pipeline. Finally, Halyk noticed an error on Council Remuneration. He said Councillor McLaren went to a workshop as well as him and one of the wrong accounts had been charged.

Feldhoff motioned to move the sidewalk concerns from Sylvester’s presentation to the Advisory Planning Commission and to the 2011 Budget. Hall said this would go to the traffic committee, not the APC. Hall also said the province is concerned about crosswalks as most accidents take place at them.

Feldhoff stated this motion would start a process. The motion was called and carried. Monaghan read a letter from Sandhill Materials which praised her for keeping confidential information confidential. This raised issues with Councillior Halyk who was unsure if she could make such a bargain.

With no further business, the meeting ended on that note.