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REPORTING · 16th August 2010
Walter McFarlane
A dramatic rescue was taking place at the Sam Lindsay Aquatic Center on Friday, August 13th. However, no one was in danger, it was an educational rescue as a part of the National Life Guarding Certificate.

“We put out an ad in the paper looking for lifeguards and we promoted this program, from Bronze Medallion right up to Bronze Cross and get their National Life Guarding Certificate,” said Jo Young. “We started off with 17, we went through a screening process and they came down to these top twelve and out of these twelve, now we’re going to hire five of them.”

A part of this screening process included a few tests, such as timed swim where they had to complete 24 lengths in 18 minutes. Instructing the future lifeguards in their National Lifeguard Service Award is Calvin Grav from Prince Rupert.

“They have been learning how to recognize when someone is in distress or needs assistance and enter the water and assist them and prevent anything from happening to them. The main job is prevention and assist when needed,” said Grav. “Their learning the basics, recognizing people in distress all the way up to doing major emergencies such as spinal cord injuries and unconscious / heart attack, anyone of those major industries and give them assistance when needed.”

“It’s a really hard process. They’ve spent the last six days, 9-6 in the water and that’s just for the national part. Before that, they had to do a forty hour course before that and then in between there, they have to get their first aid ticket. They have a standard first aid ticket and a workplace emergency first aid ticket which is a two day course so really, they put in a lot of hours to come this far,” said Young.

The students are doing well in these courses and a lot of work has been put into them. Young expressed she hopes to have the lifeguards at the local pool but with these tickets, they can find employment at any pool.