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CONTRIBUTION · 13th August 2010
Walter McFarlane
Dark Clouds on a Bright Summer’s Day: Finale

Take a moment of silence, the dark clouds are the deathknell for Kitimat.

No matter who you support, no matter what political pole you choose to balance on, the Council Meeting on August 3rd was disgraceful. Agree with Joanne Monaghan, and Gottschling’s attack during reports was completely uncalled for. Agree with Gottschling and Monaghan’s attack during reports was completely uncalled for.


Because we as a society only see things in black and white, good and evil. Agree with Gottsching, Monaghan’s evil. Agree with Monaghan and Gottchling’s evil. We see things so one sided that we forget there are shades of grey.

Halyk raised a good point: why are we sending our jobs overseas. Goffinet raised a good point: We need log exports to fund a future Eurocan. Feldhoff raised a good point: There has been a lot of hurt already. Corless raised a good point: Why sacrifice further jobs. Gottschling raised two good points: The town is still divided by the lines drawn in the power sales issue and the Council can seek out all the political psychologists it needs, it will not solve their problem. Monaghan raised a good point: She is working to bring industry to the community despite the lack of communications with Council.

Shame all those good points will be forgotten in the coffee shops, angry letters to the editor, comments on the letters and articles published and even on the news. So what happens now? All the cliques down in Kitimat are scurrying to scramble together to raise ammunition against the current City Council. After all, having a Council debate the issues before voting is completely worthless. It’s not like the Councillors are Canadian Citizens who have the right to express their opinions on matters at hand during the Council meetings.

That is why this Council meeting was the deathknell of Kitimat. Not because Gottschling disrupted the Council or because Monaghan went over the Council’s head again. Not because Monaghan read off a letter supporting her violations of the community charter or Gottschling blindsided Council with another prepared speech of doom. It’s because the fissures in the community which never healed are still festering with hatred towards ideas which are alien to them.

We have a year and a half left with leaders who will continue push their own agendas over the larger picture. This has been the song and dance of City Council for the last year and a half. These are the leaders of our town and when they sit down to the table, they pick up all the characteristics of reality television stars. All of them are trying to win the million dollars and all of them are doing anything to get it.

The real problem is this conference call with George Cuff will most likely be in camera so for all of this drama over the last year and a half, it will end off stage giving the public little opportunity to see the finally. Not knowing the dénouement of this discussion will be further problematic for Kitimat as either side can treat the response as if it ended in their favour.