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REPORTING · 11th August 2010
Walter McFarlane
Dark Clouds on a Bright Summer's Day: Part 9

Under reports, before the storm at the City Council Meeting on Tuesday, August 3rd, Council was dealing with a particular TINUP. A TINUP is a Temporary Industrial Use Permit and this was for the Log Sort Yard owned by All West Trading Ltd. at 2234 Forest Avenue.

Mayor Joanne Monaghan called for a motion and Councillor Bob Corless moved the 2 year TINUP. Councillor Mario Feldhoff wished to amend the motion to deal with vehicle noise. Corless spoke against amendment. Feldhoff said he had talked with the owner but things would always go back to the way they were. The amendment was carried.

Halyk was opposed to the TINUP. 的知 concerned about this TINUP only because since Eurocan has closed and now, with the things that have gone on with Eurocan and potentially never starting Eurocan again, I知 wondering if we as a community really do want to support shipping whole raw logs out of BC. This potentially is an opportunity to put the brakes on it and maybe they値l have to go to Prince Rupert or whatever but it will make them a little more difficult for them. I think this might be an opportunity for Kitimat to stand and say: 全top shipping our jobs out of Canada.

Councillor Rob Goffinet who seconded the motion agreed that he did not support the export of raw logs. However, he was willing to support it for the Eurocan viability study to succeed which was possible with the logging companies who were shipping saw logs. Goffinet said he would not vote for this if there was wood being brought into the community they could mill but they would have to vote for this so the lumber companies would continue to generate revenue.

展e would be accused of waiting years, possibly years or many months, to get something that we presently do not have by denying an operation that we presently do have. To me it痴 a tough choice but it would be counter productive to vote against it, said Goffinet.

Monaghan suggested the debarking would create local opportunities for business. Halyk replied to Goffinet saying the business will still survive and most likely go to Prince Rupert. He added the business was already going to Prince Rupert. As for the chipping, there was none as the Eurocan model was not happening.

鄭t this point, there are no chips Madam Mayor for Poyry or any of those people. The chips are down. We have an opportunity now to make a difference with this tiny little thing like this 禅INCUP. And as to re rout these logs to somewhere else and make it hard for them to stay in business and maybe then put some pressure on the Provincial government and say, maybe this is a good opportunity this model that Poyry came up with, said Halyk.

Corless considered the 13-20 jobs in Kitimat, the tug owners. Halyk replied the jobs would still be there, only shipped out of Rupert. 溺aybe there has to be a little bit of hurt before there is a little bit of gain, said Halyk.

的 think there has been a whole lot of hurt already and I don稚 think, as much as it is not ideal to have the Eurocan running, I don稚 think we want to make it harder for businesses, said Feldhoff. He reminded Halyk of all the opportunities which had been mentioned so far and Eurocan痴 Viabilty Study would also ship raw logs.

The question was called and carried.