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CONTRIBUTION · 11th August 2010
Dieter Wagner
Dear Sir:

Oil, Faith, Truth

It becomes ever more evident to me that the proponents of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project are not very well educated about the subject of “OIL”.

Is faith and trust in the promises of Enbridge a good substitute for education about the subject? Look where that faith and trust in the multinational industries has taken us in the recent past.

How has the old adage “what is good for General Motors is good for America” played out?

Why does Norway, a socialist country, have a heritage fund of $600 billion, while our nation is about $600 billions in debt. Our economy is based on selling (giving away) more natural resources all of the time. Oil, natural gas, raw logs, raw minerals (metallurgical coal, gold, copper, molybdenum), electric power, etc., which we now export in unfinished form and could provide a multitude of jobs if processed in Canada. We should be super rich. Where does the wealth disappear to?

Then what is the real cost of the Tar Sands Oil transported to Asia? The fuel consumed pushing that heavy stuff over two continental mountain ranges. The fuel consumed by a VLCC at a rate of 120 tons/day at 16 knots multiplied by 225 ships per month. The carbon emissions are considerable. With carbon taxes rising and carbon trading becoming more of a factor, is that cost downloaded onto the Canadian taxpayer like most everything else?

I highly recommend for everyone to educate themselves about the oil issue (not only the proponents of Enbridge). There is one book, not by a story teller, but a highly experienced and educated world class economist.

Jeff Rubin - “Why Your World Is About To Get A Whole Lot Smaller”

Oil and the end of globalization.

The price of oil will rise dramatically in the future, making shipping prohibitably expensive and even start up mothballed factories in North America again. Farmer’s Markets and home grown food will become attractive again.

Burning 1400 cubic feet of natural gas , the cleanest of our fossil fuel resources, to produce ONE BARREL of synthetic oil is a crime.

But my biggest concern is the Crude Oil Tanker Traffic. Even Enbridge officials admitted that accidents cannot be prevented. Kitimat is a safe harbour. But the approaches are not. And how do you get 2000 people out to a spill, house them, feed them, etc. and accomplish something that has never been accomplished before.