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REPORTING · 16th July 2010
Merv Ritchie
Tonight, July 15, 2010, the BP officials have reported, and the pictures prove it, the Gulf Oil leak has been stopped, 87 days after it began.

BP has performed a critical operation to not only stop the leak but to stop the rumour mill of dire predictions and doomsday scenarios.

The complex unit of technical equipment on the ocean floor called the blow out preventer has been modified. The top of it had a pipe connection which was damaged. This component was able to be unbolted and replaced with a new connector.

After BP replaced this connector they placed a cap which was able to be properly and completely sealed. The oil pressure flowing was allowed to escape through side valves of the blow out preventer while this cap was installed.

Slowly they closed the valves after the cap was completely installed.

The pressures they are dealing with are approximately 6000 psi. This is a huge pressure which is a concern for many monitoring the situation. The pressure of the oil is of such a severe strength some are concerned the casing underneath the blowout preventer will burst or leak elsewhere.

Tonight all reports from BP along with the released pictures demonstrate the pressure is contained beneath the cap, the casing is intact, maintaining the 6000 plus psi of pressure underneath.

There is an enormous cleanup effort facing the residents of the Gulf of Mexico, however finally, residents of Planet Earth can look forward to the possible end of the worst disaster of the human technological age of the 21st century. As Pete Seeger, the folk singer of 1961 sang out, “When will we ever learn, when will we ever learn”.