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REPORTING · 12th July 2010
Walter McFarlane
It was a noble attempt by Councillor Randy Halyk at the City Council Meeting on July 5th. The Bull-O-Rama in both 2009 and 2010 were exceptional with one exception. The Sound System in the Tamitik Ice Rink was horribly garbled. This led organizers in 2010 to bring in their own sound system. Unfortunately, this did not do the trick either.

“I was at the Bull-O-Rama and suffered along with everyone else trying to hear what the announcer was trying to say. It’s very clear there is a problem with the acoustics in the Tamitik. The opportunity to do something about it is here,” said Halyk

Administration had brought forward a proposal from 2006. Halyk moved approving the rest of the money. He said they had spent money on the theatre’s sound system already and the Council did not own it.

Mayor Joanne Monaghan had pointed out this was not the motion which was on the table and they should deal with it first… although this was the first motion to have been spoken. She suggested the hiring of the Hiring of an Acoustic Engineer which was in the package.

Halyk suggested dispensing with this one and moving on to the one he was going to make. Martin Gould wanted Council to be aware administration had been directed through budget in 2006 to do some work in Tamitik in 2006 and work Riverlodge, Tamitik and the Kitimat Ice Rink in the years to come.

Gould pointed out the sound system at Bull-O-Rama 2010 was the sound system rented from Sight and Sound. Monaghan asked when the last time this was brought forth for budget. Gould replied it had been brought forward in 2008. The money had gone into Riverlodge.

Councillor Gerd Gottschling wished to verify what the problem was if the sound system had been rented. Gould could not answer the question but explained there was a problem with the arena.

“It’s such a huge space that unless you fill it, the sound just bounces around in there, it echoes,” said Gould. “When we had the Coy Cup in there a number of years ago, it was full and there was nothing wrong with the Sound System at that time but that was when the arena was full. When it is half full or less, it’s a huge space to try and fill for sound.”

Halyk said the report referred to a sound engineer who suggested the issue would be resolved if the speakers were moved to a different level. Halyk suggested an acoustic engineer. He was concerned about the problem with the sound in 2009 which lead to the hiring of Sight and Sound in 2010 and they still did not get sound.

Halyk suggested if they had good sound, they could bring other talent and concerts up to Kitimat. Gottschling said they had not budgeted the money. Gould stated administration had recommended this come forward at budget time. Halyk stated they do not own Mount Elizabeth Theatre and they granted them emergency money for their speakers.

Councillor Bob Corless questioned where Council was pulling all this money from. He pointed out they also opened up KIR again. “What was the point of budgeting and going through the anguish,” said Corless.

He suggested finding something in the budget for Bull-O-Rama next year. Goffinet agreed. He reminded Council the Theatre was an emergency expenditure as the breakdown in the sound system threatened the entire theatre. In addition, the money came out of capital.

Halyk called foul as both Councillors had been in favour of KIR. “For one thing, it’s ok but for another thing, it’s only $30,000 compared to $100,000,” said Halyk. He asked for some uniformity in the way the other Councillors voted.

Corless suggested taking the money from the Eurocan Viability Study. Halyk suggested taking the Dog Pound.

The motion was called and failed unanimously. A second motion was thrown on the table to have the recommended upgrades to the sound system happen right away. There was no seconder.

“Seeing none, it’s gone down in defeat,” said Monaghan… But what happened the next day was downright humiliating…
Quest for Sound
Comment by Debie Oviatt on 14th July 2010
Further to comments from Martin Gould. The arena was at capacity for Bullorama 2009. The sounds system was embarrasing - people came from all over the northwest to see and hear this event - no one could hear what the announcer had to say. The half time show couldn't hook into the sound system. That is why we HAD to go to Sight and Sound from Terrace to try and fix this mess. The arena was full again for 2010, unfortunately the Sight and Sounds system improved but only slightly.
I sent to the Coy Cup games in Tamitik - the sound system was as horrible there as it was for the Bullorama. This is an ongoing problem.