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REPORTING · 30th June 2010
Walter McFarlane
Mayor Joanne Monaghan temporarily stepped down from the position of Chair so that she could make a motion at the City Council Meeting of City Council on Monday June 21st.

“That George Cuff, Municipal Consultant be hired to clarify with Council the role of Mayor,” read Monaghan. “There has been quite a bit of controversy about if I can speak, if I cannot speak and I did speak to Mr. Cuff on the phone and I asked him if he would be willing to be on the phone in a conference call with the Council and to clarify for all of us at the same time.”

In the accompanying documents from the Council Package included an excerpt from the community charter, Part 5: Municipal Government and Procedures: Division 1: Council Roles and responsibilities (found [here]) and an article by George Cuff entitled “Landmines of Being a Mayor Part One.” From the May 2005 issue of Municipal World.

The article argues the Mayor should a leader, open minded, respected, obeys the will of the Council and should be in touch with the voters. One particular section which relates to the current controversy is:

“The legislation across Canada is virtually unanimous in requiring the Mayor to submit to the will of Council. It is the Canadian view that a Mayor can and should lead, but not at the expense of the Council as a whole and not by personal dictate.”

There was no discussion on the motion and it was called and carried.