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REPORTING · 16th June 2010
Walter McFarlane
Frank Mauro got up to speak on the District of Kitimat Staffing at the City Council Meeting on June 7th. Mauro is a former district worker, retiring after 35 years. He said he was concerned about some of Council’s recent decisions, having watched them on television.

He reminded Council how they made cut backs to District staffing, then cut back on overtime service, both because of the closure of Eurocan. Then they gave free passes to Eurocan employees for recreation.

“I go to get my pass as a retired employee, the last pass was $107 because we had a subsidy. When I get the new pass, $197. I say, well, they c**p out money. I guess they give free passes to all the people but they treat their employees different,” said Mauro.

He stated Kamloops has less staffing than Kitimat and questioned whether the Council is concerned about the tax base. He said his taxes went up over $300 which is more than 20%. He asked Council if they were concerned about the citizens or if they were trying to draw in retirees while cutting down on the service.

He said the Council does not need to replace the recreation director and was concerned people would be discouraged from retiring here because of this. He said he retired here because of the service and the recreation facilities which recently received cutbacks in hours.

He asked why the Council went through with the decisions they made. He said other District Staff Members are going to retire soon as well. Councillor Mario Feldhoff wished to hear the data so he could take a closer look at what he was saying.
eurocan passes
Comment by mary murphy on 18th June 2010
the perception is that the hrly employees got rich when eurocan closed down with severance pay. that is not true, there are many that did get a good severance, i worked 33.7 years and got 60 think of all the young people hired within the last seven years, and others under 10. they are "not made rich". I wish people would stop saying that previous eurocan employees were made rich by the closure, believe me they would rather be working and have the option of a good pension for future retirement.