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REPORTING · 20th June 2010
Walter McFarlane

There were sirens from the highway on June 12th as the Kitimat Fire Department dispatched to Cablecar. Black smoke and the occasional flame rose from behind the hedge of trees on Coho Avenue.

”It was around four O’clock Saturday afternoon. [We were] called out to Cable Car for a shed fire. We found a 20X30 workshop type building fully engulfed,” said Deputy Fire Chief Trent Bossence.

The mother of the family stated she was doing work in the house when she saw the smoke and evacuated their kids from the house. The fire came from the back storage shed where they store flammable liquids and recreation vehicles.

The fire burned hot though and reports from people who were helping at the back prior to the arrival of the fire trucks stated the windows of the house blew out and the siding melted.

Shortly after the arrival of the fire fighters, it began to rain. The black smoke quickly turned grey. A second truck pulled up a few minutes later.

The Firefighters were unable to determine the fire's cause. The shed was completely destroyed while minimal damage was done to the house. Windows, siding an roof were damaged. The workshop was used to store recreational vehicles, tools, etc as well as gasoline.

The Kitimat Fire Department is reminding people that although sheds and workshops are great pieces of property, they need to be kept clean, well vented and to make sure if they have electricity, make sure it is properly installed.