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REPORTING · 12th June 2010
Walter McFarlane
The Bull-O-Rama is tonight and also performing tonight is the Coppertown Clown himself, Burt Davis and his pack of trained dogs, Davis’ Muttley Crew.

“I’m a rodeo clown of 36 years. I started in 1974 as the youngest professional rodeo bullfighter in the United States and I still hold that title,” said Davis. “I’ve been a rodeo bullfighter, rodeo clown and rodeo specialty act and rodeo comedy barrel man through out my career. Nominated twice for Comedy Act of the Year, performed three times at The Wranglers National Rodeo in Las Vegas, […] we’ve performed in 41 states of the United States, four provinces in Canada, and Australia.”

Davis hales from Oakdale California, the Cowboy Capital of the World. He draws his name from Copperopolis California. This is the first time he has been up this far into Canada and commented on the beauty of the land and the wildlife he has seen.

Davis started with three dogs and started an act he called the Garbage Man Nightmare which was the act he was nominated for. Three turned to five, and the act evolved. They became the first act of its kind in North America using 10 dogs.

Davis came to town with 14 dogs and he hopes to leave with 16. The youngest was born in town and has been named: Kitimat. A part of his presentation after breakfast this morning was on the topic of shelter animals and the local animal shelter is looking for a dog to join the act. Davis will be taking a tour of both of the shelters while he is in Kitimat.

He stated he has been blessed during his career with the traveling which he and his wife have done, the people they have met. Davis came early and managed to fit in a fishing trip on Tuesday and hopes to enjoy everything which Kitimat has to offer.

Recently, Davis has been featured on television with the Mutley Crew on the show: America’s Got Talent. His début aired last Wednesday. He’s already been recognized in Kitimat for the appearance on the show during the Grad Scavenger Hunt last Saturday.

“Saturday Night, Kitimat is gonna be in for a treat. When Keith Dinwoodie starts saying good evening ladies and gentleman, from that time until the end of the show, Kitimat will not know what hit them,” said Davis. “This will be an event here in Kitimat that they will talking about until the next bull riding.”

He hopes to see the town come out to experience the rodeo, which puts man against beast. He said folks can expect to see a little bit of everything. You can also become fans of the show and the dogs on Facebook.

“It’s a good honour to be up here and we just draw a little more excitement to the Kitimat Bull-O-Rama,” said Davis. “We can’t wait till Saturday.”
Introducing one of Davis's newest dogs, Kitimat
Introducing one of Davis's newest dogs, Kitimat