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CONTRIBUTION · 2nd June 2010
Walter Thorne
Imagine Douglas Channel on a brilliant calm morning. The sun is reflecting off or a myriad of snow fields. The loons are calling and we are all at peace with the world.

Then what's that over there?

A Freighter? No, it's bigger then that. It seems to be a rather large barge being towed by what appears to be a tugboat on Steroids. As we approached, the barge looms larger and larger. It's enormous. Then it hits me, this is one of those gigantic self loading barges bringing the logs out of Kitimat.

I can only imagine how many logs are aboard. Perhaps 10,000 or more. How many logging trucks would that be? My placid morning is becoming less peaceful and I contemplate how many jobs are being exported on this barge alone.

The vessel was leaving Kitimat at a slow pace. Was it loaded under the stealth of darkness? Was it loaded in Clio Bay, to keep the sheer size of the barge out of sight of Kitimat and out of mind?

These logs and the jobs that go with them are off to who knows where. Asia? Vancouver?

Logs should they be just exported without value added? What about our Eurocan jobs?