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NEWS RELEASE · 27th May 2010
Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipe
Enbridge Files Regulatory Application for Northern Gateway Pipeline Project

Filing marks the official commencement of the regulatory review process

CALGARY, Alberta, May 27, 2010 - Enbridge Inc. (TSX:ENB) (NYSE:ENB) (Enbridge) announced today that it has filed an application with the National Energy Board for the construction and operation of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline which involves a new twin pipeline system between Edmonton, Alberta and a new marine terminal in Kitimat, British Columbia to export petroleum and import condensate.

“The Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline project will open important new markets for Canadian crude oil; it will create jobs and a substantial long-term boost to our nation’s economy as well as the communities through which it will pass,” said Patrick D. Daniel, President and Chief Executive Officer, Enbridge Inc. “With an estimated capital cost of $5.5 billion, Northern Gateway is expected to create thousands of job opportunities for regional residents throughout project construction and operations, while providing approximately $36 million of local property taxes on an annual basis.”

The eight-volume regulatory application provides a comprehensive overview of the proposed project and its benefits and will be assessed by a Joint Review Panel recently established by the Minister of the Environment and the National Energy Board. The application covers all aspects of the proposed project including the environmental and socio-economic assessment, environmental protection and risk management measures, engineering, construction and operations, public consultation and Aboriginal engagement, marine transportation and project economics.

“We take pride in our long-standing reputation as a safe pipeline operator and socially responsible company. Construction and operation of the Northern Gateway Pipeline system and marine terminal will be a model of world-class safety and environmental standards,” said Mr. Daniel. “The information shared in our regulatory application includes thorough evaluation of the environmental, engineering and construction considerations of the land and marine facilities and outlines the measures Enbridge will take to demonstrate to communities that our project is safe, that it has been planned responsibly and that environmental protection will always be front-of-mind.”

Mr. Daniel noted that today’s application marks the official commencement of the regulatory review process of the Northern Gateway Pipeline project. “It’s an important step forward in the thorough and comprehensive public review that will provide opportunities to learn more about the project and to provide input to the Joint Review Panel.”

Enbridge’s application is available on the National Energy Board website ( as well as the project website at Copies will be made available in public libraries in communities along the proposed route of the pipeline, and DVD copies will be provided to community groups and Aboriginal communities over the next few days.

The Northern Gateway Pipeline project involves a 1,172 kilometre twin pipelines system, running underground from near Edmonton, Alberta to Kitimat, British Columbia, associated pipeline facilities and a tank terminal and marine terminal located in Kitimat. One pipeline, a 36-inch diameter line with an initial capacity of 525,000 bpd, would transport crude oil for export from the Edmonton area to Kitimat. The other pipeline, a 20-inch diameter line with an initial capacity of 193,000 bpd, would be used to import condensate. A tank terminal and marine terminal, referred to as the Kitimat Terminal, is also part of the project. The Northern Gateway Pipeline is expected to be in service in 2016, subject to finalization of commercial terms with industry, and regulatory approvals.
Comment by Gerry Hummel on 27th May 2010
There is a moratorium on tanker traffic being allowed on the coast of BC. Last week in a statement the BC government said it would keep that moritorium in place so Enbridge will not get its approval for the pipeline. So why are they so arrogant as to think that somehow they will get the approval from the review panel.
Why can't these people get it into their heads that the best way to deal with this natural resource is to process it here in Canada. Create jobs here in the construction industry to build mills and refineries that can use the oil extracted from the tarsands to create jobs for Canadians and not send it overseas to create jobs in other countries.
who`s lining there Pockets
Comment by r.j . morhart on 27th May 2010
more kick backs for all involed,Gordon campbell, Rodger Harris,hell the hole dam Liberal cockas. Wake up people.this province is bank-rupe,thanks the the 2010 olimpic`s. liberals only trying to put it back,thur all the cut back`s, why,they have bank-rupted us. who stands to proffit here,the guy`s in the energy board,big bussiness,with the whole liberal cockas,this must be Harris`s kick backs.look at what his fingers are in to in the pass,now the rupert port,kitimat port,Embrighs rep. How do we as a province let them do this. Plain THEIFS,, Addit the hole dam liberal Cockus.Every year.before they hide the money over sea`s. Jail time and restatosion to the province.crimanals selling us all out.time to fight back.