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REPORTING · 26th May 2010
Walter McFarlane

At the City Council Meeting on the 17th of May, Councillor Mario Feldhoff made a motion to advertise the position, the money to be approved and the writer would be available to other community groups.

Feldhoff stated the money for the grant writer came from money which had been set aside and there were opportunites for grants. He acknowledged the staff was after grants and they were trying to get some new money.

Muncipal Manager Trafford Hall stated there was a problem with who the grant writer would report to. First was the Interagency Committee. The other was the Chamber of Commerce who had a reasonable plan on how the writer can be utilized.

Hall also said as this was originally Mayor Monaghan’s motion, she put the new motion forward. He reminded Council Monaghan was not present at the meeting and she had some things to say. He added this was not an urgent matter. In addition, the motion did not tell him who was doing the hiring or who the employee reports to.

Feldhoff felt the motion was clear with the exception of the latter of the two points above. Hall suggested tabling the motion until the Mayor was present so she could clarify the motion and determine how they were going to do this.

Councillor Randy Halyk had no problem with passing the motion at this point. He figured they should advertise it to let people know that Kitimat was advertising the position. Hall recommended Council look at the advice the groups had suggested as they were two Bonafide groups. He once again suggested tabling the motion because the Mayor was not present and could not clarify the motion.

Councillor Gerd Gottschling made a motion to table the motion until Monaghan returned.

“I’m sorry to have to say this, but in my opinion, this is just another example of how we’ve taken a great idea and managed to tie it up in bureaucratic red tape,” said Councillor Richard McLaren.

Halyk said this had already been tabled and now they were doing it again. He was ok with the motion but questioned why they were going to do this. Feldhoff stated notice of motion was given. Gottschling stated this was not a burning situation, they could think about it and wait for the mover of the original motion.

Acting Mayor Rob Goffinet called the question. It was carried.