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REPORTING · 25th May 2010
Walter McFarlane

The topic of the Grant Writer would later come up at a special meeting of Kitimat City Council on May 10th. Mayor Joanne Monaghan was not present and Acting Mayor Rob Goffinet was once again the chair. Speaking on behalf of the Interagency Committee was Margaret Warcup who was delivering a report.

Warcup explained the vision of the Interagency Committee was to: “sustain and invest in the quality of life in our community.”

She shared initiatives the Interagency Committee were working on in the community. Among the new items were improving communications for new members of the community. They have also worked with the Kitamaat Village to put out a pamphlet about kids suffering from stress.

In addition, they have been working with Carole Daniels, the Eurocan Transition support worker, met with principals of every school in Kitimat with the exception of Mount Elizabeth to identify child stress in the schools. They were able to get extra money to support a link social worker in the high school until the end of June among many others.

Warcup had two requests for Council as well as an action they wish Council to take. The first request was, knowing Council had managed to achieve the NDIT Grant for a Grant Writer, they saw the Grant Writer as a boon to all non profit societies, as they could pursue additional resources for these groups.

As an example, Warcup stated one of the places where they could take advantage of a Grant Writer was in a study they recently did on a need for housing for young adults with disabilities, but they do not have the resources for the next step. Keeping day care and after school care open is also an area they would like to pursue grants for.

Her second request was the formation of a Community Foundation. This grant would be provided by an NDIT match up to $50,000 worth of money fundraised in a community which created a community foundation. She said this was important as a lot of groups were reliant on fundraising events like the Telethon.

“Last week, the Telethon meeting was held and they are struggling, so I think we’re putting forward that perhaps by going to a community foundation, and our willingness to work with the district to have that occur, we can move forward to be a community that is supportive of our social and health services,” said Warcup.

She asked for Council to consider working with them. Council would have to write some of the paperwork and be the conduit in order to apply. She said there were examples of these foundations online.

She stated the Chamber of Commerce wanted to work with them. Councillor Mario Feldhoff wanted to know if other groups, such as the Aluminium City Telethon’s committee could fit the role or if it were more specific. Warcup replied they could fit the role.

Feldhoff wanted to know how much money they could try and get through the Grant Writer. Warcup replied there were significant grants for disabilities housing, while the day care grants would be smaller grants. However, even the smaller grants take 3-6 weeks of work.

She added the Grant Writer would be able to help them narrow down the number of grants. They work better with kids than they do with grants. It was added Terrace had been successful with housing grants recently as well.

Municipal Manager Trafford Hall wanted to know where the budget would come from. Warcup stated they would share the Grant Writer council has already budgeted for andwork collaboratively with the Grant Writer. Hall then clarified the 2nd request Warcup made.

Councillor Feldhoff stated he has heard about the Community Foundation in the past and he understood other communities were able to get these grants. Hazelton was able to get an additional $5,000 for a project.

Goffinet asked if they were coordinating this with the Aluminums City Telethon people, as he was worried they would split the focus and weaken the Telethon. The reply was they were communicating as much as possible since the Telethon was now in survival mode and may not take place in 2010. They are trying to make sure something occurs. The Community Foundation came from the Telethon Board 5 years ago. Non profit organizations reliant on the money wish to ensure they are funded.

There were no further questions so the representatives left. Feldhoff made motions to support the requests. However, at the request of Councillor Randy Halyk, they were turned into notice of motions so Council would be able to research before jumping in.