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NEWS RELEASE · 17th May 2010
Chris Delaney
72 of 85 ridings meet Elections BC threshold of 10%, with 51 Ridings exceeding 15%.

With seven weeks to go in a 13 week campaign, organizers for the Initiative petition to repeal the HST report they have collected 500,000 signatures representing 15% of registered voters province wide.

Organizers say that 72 of 85 ridings have crossed the Elections BC 10% threshold, with 51 of those going over the Fight HST internal threshold of 15%.

“This is monumental,” said Fight HST Lead Organizer, Chris Delaney, “We are not even half way through the campaign, and we are on track to complete our 10% threshold in all 85 ridings by next week, with everyone reaching their 15% target by the first or second week of June.”

Delaney says that 78 of 85 ridings have reported for this week, representing a total of 475,680 signatures in hand. He says there are another 25,000 signatures in the pipeline still to come, bringing the total collected to over 500,000.

“The most encouraging sign is the surge in Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby. Those ridings started late, and were behind in previous reports. Now, they are not only catching up, but are tracking faster than the majority of other ridings did during their peaks.”

Delaney says they are about halfway to their 15% target in the remaining 13 ridings. He says he is confident they will complete the Elections BC threshold of 10% in all ridings in the next two weeks, with 15% achieved by the end of the second week of June in all 85 ridings.

Fight HST Leader, Bill Vander Zalm, was extremely encouraged by the results, “I was out campaigning this weekend in Vancouver, Richmond and Delta, and everywhere people wanted to sign the petition. There has been no loss of interest at all, and in fact, it just seems to keep on growing. It’s faaantastic!”