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REPORTING · 19th May 2010
Walter McFarlane
Kitimat City Council met on Monday, May 17th for their regular meeting. Not present was Mayor Joanne Monaghan. Acting Mayor Rob Goffinet called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm.

Sergeant Steve Sumner took the stand to give the monthly policing report. Under detachment news, members of the detachment attended the Kitamaat Open Basketball Tournament, they gave a tour of the Detachment to the Girl Guides, 5 members of the detachment trained on bike and Rio Tinto Alcan held an evacuation drill which the RCMP attended.

Under crime statistics for the month of April, there was a case of sexual assult, 11 assaults, 18 cases of causing a disturbance, 3 break and enters in business, 8 residential break and enters, 2 cases of shoplifting and 12 mischief to properties. Motor Vehicle Act tickets were up by 32, while warnings increased by 45, over 50% of the year to date statistics.

Councillor Feldhoff wanted to know what other animal calls RCMP respond to. The response was it could have been a dog call. Councillor Rob Goffinet wanted to know if the RCMP were still counterattacking impaired drivers. The answer was yes. Goffinet thanked the RCMP for the tour on Monday, May 10th.

The Chamber of Commerce was next. Trisch Parsons, Manager of the Chamber of Commerce stepped up to the table with Derrick Stenson, Current Vice President of the Chamber. She talked about the way the Chamber was advertising Kitimat, works in Kitimat and how tourism in Kitimat is increasing and can decrease based on recent events, the closures of Kitimat Ice Rink and Moon Bay Marina

Feldhoff wanted to know how many more years they have the contract with the Chamber. It expires in June. Feldhoff also wanted to know if the Chamber is working with Retire Kitimat. The committee has supplied the Chamber with their pamphlet which the Chamber sends out with their packages.

Councillor Randy Halyk wanted to know about putting together a manned Kiosk with Volunteers at the airport. The issue is getting volunteers from Kitimat. They're discussing sending the volunteers on Farwest Buslines. Halyk also wanted to know more about what would be on the Tourism Kitimat Website. Municipal Manager Trafford Hall congratulated them on the publications. He wanted to know if they were all done through the contract. The response was yes, they were.

Bonita Wasyleski stepped up next. She introduced herself as a tour guide from the Queen Charlottes who has worked with the Regional District there. “You have paradise here. The paradise that you have here is beyond what I know. Local people sometimes don’t see it, but you have to see it,” she said.

She recommended promoting the town. She offered her services to the Council and told them: “You have more then Haida Gwaii has.,” said Wasyleski. Goffinet welcomed her to Kitimat.

After approving minutes and calling for new business, three motions were made to appoint Ken Billingsley to the Advisory Recreation Commission, Corrine Scott to the Advisory Planning Commission, and Sam Harness to the Board of Variance. Feldhoff thanked the people for putting their names forward and let the public know there were still some positions on these boards. This was carried.

The next motion was to support the Community Foundation so money from Northern Development Iinitiative Trust, $50,000, could be accessed. Feldhoff explained the motion and stated they were following in the footsteps of other communities. Hall wanted to know if the legwork would be done by volunteers or District Staff. Felfhoff said it was unclear at the moment. Halyk stated this was an opportunity for funding they would not have the time or resources to get. The motion was carried.

The next motion was for the $10,000 budget for the grant writer, to immediately advertise the position, and for the writer also be available to help other community groups such as the Interagency Committee. Hall wanted to know who the grant writer would report too. He suggested the two options were to have the grant writer report to the interagency or to the Chamber of Commerce. However, it was also suggested this motion be tabled until Monaghan returns. The motion was tabled until the next meeting. McLaren was opposed because he felt they were tying up a good meeting. The tabling motion was carried.

The refuse control bylaw, the commercial cardboard ban from the dump, was finally adopted. Corless made a motion to consider public comment on the sale of land at 187 - 7th street. The motion was carried. The Council also put the TECUP and the TINUP towards public consultation.

After approving the statement of accounts, Council moved on to new business. Feldhoff wanted staff to circulate the training policy to Council. Feldhoff also suggested returning to four motions which were made a while ago on economic development. Hall suggested setting aside a day for Economic Development.

Corless wished to acknowledge Merv Ritchie who was live streaming the Council Meeting online on behalf of the Kitimat Daily. He also live streams the Regional District Meetings on the Terrace Daily. He wished to advertise the Bull-O-Rama which is coming up on June 12th.

Halyk brought forward a brochure from Enbridge. He drew attention to a blurb provided by Mayor Monaghan. He then checked their website to find videos done by Monaghan and Economic Development Administrator Diane Hewlett. He wished to talk with the administration about this. Halyk is on the CAB with Enbridge. He said seeing these things on the sidelines concerns him since Council has not taken a stance on Enbridge.

Feldhoff stated he read the brochure and found the Mayor was not speaking on behalf of herself, not on behalf of Council. He suggested Halyk put forward a notice of motion so they could debate it. McLaren noticed the Mayor has ‘put herself on the fence’ with the word “we.” Halyk did not state it was wrong, just that it was there. He also suggested people look at the videos on the Enbridge website.

Gottschling said if the Mayor is speaking on behalf of Council, this has not been discussed by Council. She can speak on behalf of herself, or on behalf of Council as Mayor. Goffinet did not wish to discuss this further without the mayor present. Gottschling said this was a violation of a procedure or policy. Feldhoff wanted advice from the parliamentarian; he was not present.

Goffinet wished to speak about the appreciation dinner for the workers of the Kitimat General Hospital co-hosted with Mayor and Council. Goffinet also wished to issue a challenge to Council to fundraise for the BC Heart and Stroke Fund for the Big Bike Ride which will be in Kitimat Thursday, June 10th at 7:30.

With no further items to discuss, Goffinet called for in camera items. Council took a 5 minute break before going in camera.