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REPORTING · 19th May 2010
Walter McFarlane
Firefighters and RCMP were called out on Monday, May 17th when smoke was spotted rising from the old dirt bike tracks below the look out. The smoke was not visible from the firehall.

“Someone driving by the viewpoint came in, told us that they thought they saw a bunch of black smoke coming out of the bush. They reported it to us so we sent a crew down to investigate. Upon arrival, going down though the bush just before the viewpoint, the guys discovered an old abandoned pick up that was set on fire,” said Fire Chief John Klie.

Gasoline cans were found around the truck. Firefighters believe the truck was doused in fuel and lit on fire. The firefighters ran hoses down the hill and used water backpacks to put out the fire. They were able to put it out before it spread to the trees or grass.

“The truck didn’t belong to anybody. The licence plates were gone. It was burned so the RCMP could not identify the BIN number. It looked like it was just an abandoned vehicle that had been damaged,” said Klie.

The Kitimat Fire Department is reminding the people of Kitimat forest fire season will soon be upon us. Fires started in the bush and then left to burn can cause problems.

In addition: “Please don’t drop your garbage off in the bush. Don’t take your vehicles and drop them off in the bush. Playing with gas and lighting gas can be very dangerous as any fuel. I would recommend not doing that,” said Klie.