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REPORTING · 4th May 2010
Walter McFarlane
The Kitimat City Council held their Regular Meeting of Council on Monday, May 3rd. The following is an abridged account of the events which took place. Mayor Joanne Monaghan called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm. Not present was Councillor Randy Halyk.

The meeting opened with the Councillors swearing an oath and setting the 2010 Flat Rate Tax Rate. There was no one present to speak for any of the Public Hearings on leasing land to Astral Media, Burrard Clean or the Ministry of Forests.

Diane Desserault stepped forward to speak on the Winter Festival for 2011. She said this year; they would like to use the Kitimat Ice Rink for Ice Sculptures.

She requested $3750 for the Winter Festival as well as facility use. Councillor Mario Feldhoff pointed out he was under the impression the floor of the arena had the brinelines on top of the sand. Councillor Rob Goffinet clarified the snow sculptures would be a new addition to the festival.

Councillor Bob Corless took the stand next to speak about the Memorial Hill Climb. He said there were 3000 spectators and 82 competitors vying for King of the Hill last year. He explained this year's hill climb would be a general Memorial Hill Climb as a memorial for Joe Ianirelli who passed in 2009 as well as Dave Saunders. Joining him was Harley Bell, Co Chair.

Paul Henning, Vice President of BC Operations and Strategic Projects, Western Canada at Rio Tinto Alcan, stepped up to address Council and update them on where they are and what they are doing. He wished to update them on the last year. He gave a recap on where they were since last year's update.

Henning talked about the aluminum surplus, aluminum demand, the way they cut costs, the number of pots out in the plant, the workforce, the destination of Kemano power, and floride emissions. Following his presentation, he was bombarded by questions from Council namely Councillor Gerd Gottschling.

Gottschling’s final question was why not start the Kitimat Modernization Project today? Henning stated they do not have final approval at this time and he could not speak for the Board. He said they have to be ready when they make the decision. Corless inquired about the motion Goffinet would bring forward later, and Henning gave a brief response.

Jim Thom wished to speak on the cardboard ban. He complimented the bylaw and suggested they find a place for the cardboard before they ban the stuff. He said KUTE could not pick it up or burn it. He also added the cardboard room at the mall is full and they're currently filling up the bowling alley.

Monaghan said they are working with Pytrade, who will be using their machines to make bricks out of cardboard which could be burned. Thom pointed out they should figure out how to handle the cardboard before they enact the bylaw. Monaghan said Prtrade would not take more than six months to set up.

Articles on the above presentations will be appearing on the Kitimat Daily Website later this week.

After approving the minutes, the Council moved onto motions. Goffinet made his motion. After approving minutes from Council Meetings past, Council moved on to motions. Councillor Rob Goffinet had a notice of motion: “That the District of Kitimat call on Rio Tinto Alcan to brief the District of Kitimat on it’s plans for the Moon Bay lands as soon as possible and to look at steps if any, the District of Kitimat could take along with the other interested stakeholders to maintain the Moon Bay as a marina facility for area boaters into the future.” Goffinet acknowledged Henning’s statement and wondered what those involved could do to maintain the marina. The motion was carried.

Feldhoff made a motion: “That Mr Mel Kotyk, Area Director, Department of Fisheries and Oceans be requested to meet with Council to discuss issues related to the Kitimat Fish Hatchery and Fisheries Management.” This was also carried.

The financial bylaw was given final adoption without discussion. Corless motioned two readings to the tax rate bylaw but amended it to three readings. This was carried. 3rd reading of the Cardboard ban was motioned. He said there were some challenges and proposed many businesses but it time to implement the bylaw. There was no discussion and it was carried.

Council moved onto reports. The first report was a request for a grant for the winter festival. Feldhoff tabled it until they heard from the Advisory Recreation Comission on the status of the Ice Rink. Monaghan wanted to know how long she has for the grants she was trying to achieve. She replied it would not be too late. The motion was tabled.

The Memorial Hill Climb reached the table next. Goffinet clarified they would be voting to close the hill and provide radios. This was carried. Astral Media’s lease on the radio antenna land was carried. Burrard Clean was granted access to land as well. Finally, the lease for the Ministry of Forests Weather Station was carried.

Under communications, the communication regarding the mobile hotdog stand was received for information with no discussion. Feldhoff then made a motion for administration to bring back the Vancouver Bylaw for hot dog carts. He said it would help them make a decision later. The motion was carried.

There was no new business so the public portion of the Council Meeting ended. There was a brief break before the in camera session started.