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REPORTING · 23rd April 2010
Walter McFarlane
Councillor Randy Halyk wished to comment on Nathan Cullen’s Meeting from March 19th at the April 12th meeting of City Council. He said it was a coincidence the Community Development Working Group met earlier to discuss the same thing.

“I was saddened to discover even though, two very local, very vocal local organizations who attended the earlier meeting, expressed concerns they had not previously included in the discussion on economic development, they did not attend this one. One comment I heard later when I asked a member of those groups was: ‘that’s not my party so why be there?’” said Halyk.

He said the whole point of the first meeting was to find ways for groups doing economic development to work together for the betterment of Kitimat and not let differences get in the way. Halyk encouraged the people of Kitimat to come together with the same voice to shout loudly to everyone who will listen.

“We are open to environmentally sustainable business and will make every effort to accommodate you,” said Halyk.
Comment by BC Mary on 24th April 2010
Partisan politics are a cruel joke which is played upon the public ...

it gets one group squabbling against another group

until, just like this Kitimat situation,

the developers seem to be free to do as they please without anybody noticing.

I wish we could all dump our political memberships and work on THE ISSUES.