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REPORTING · 21st April 2010
Walter McFarlane
The BC Coalition for Alcoholic Reform sent a letter to Kitimat City Council for the meeting of Monday, April 19th. It was on the agenda under communications.

“We are requesting support from the District of Kitimat for the recommendations made by the BC Coalition for Action on Alcoholic reform. This newly formed Coalition was created in response to the recently published report by the University of Victoria’s Centre for Addictions BC, “Alcohol Pricing, Public Health and the HST: Proposed Incentives for BC Drinkers to Make Health Choices” as well as the Provincial Health Minister’s (Dr. Perry Kendall) December 2008 report, “Public Health Approach to Alcohol Policy,” wrote Lembi Buchanan, Chair of the Coalition for Action on Alcohol Reform.

They recommended targeting high strength, low cost beverages to reform by increasing the cost of the drink while creating incentives for producers, retailers and drinkers to purchase drinks with a lower percentage of alcohol. They suggested this is important because there are high alcohol drinks which are masquerading as low alcoholic beverages in stores.

In an attached study, they argued the people of BC are drinking more and alcohol related harms are increasing. The Coalition requested the District of Kitimat to write the Provincial Government asking for a reform to change the prices on alcoholic beverages as described above, tax products from Ubrews and UVins and introduce a levy with the proceeds going to enhance prevention, research and treatment. Council simply accepted this for information and moved on.