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NEWS RELEASE · 18th April 2010
Rio Tinto Alcan issued the following statement on Thursday:

In order to allow the operators of Moon Bay Marina to close site operations in a responsible and efficient manner with due regard to Health, Safety and Environmental issues, Rio Tinto Alcan has agreed to extend the deadline for the termination of their lease to June 30, 2010.
“We also received many calls from resident boat owners that understand the decision Rio Tinto Alcan has made, but have asked for more time and consideration to make boat removal arrangements”, said Colleen Nyce, the company’s spokesperson. 

“Rio Tinto Alcan regrets the inconvenience to local boat owners caused by the decision to terminate the Moon Bay property commercial. Rio Tinto Alcan is committed to the principle and core values of the company’s Health, Safety & Environment Policy and as such will continue to make the necessary decisions and take the required actions to ensure that BC Operations’ is aligned with the policy”, she adds.
More thoughts
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 19th April 2010
I've used Moon Bay since about 2003 or 2004. It is a basic facility but it serves a purpose. Improvements were gradual but noticeable. It is not the best location for a marina. Since I have rented a berth, Alcan closed its marina. I wonder how much notice they gave their retirees who were using it, but at least there were two other options available. Now there is one and I have one month to find moorage for a 25 ft boat. MK Bay has a waiting list. How do you even sell a boat when it is not in the water? And it is a bit of work to put one that size in and take it out; hardly worth the trouble to go fishing.

There are boats much bigger than mine at Moon Bay. Even the end of June is not enough time to sell a boat if that is the choice.

I expect boat owners don't warrant a lot of sympathy but it would be nice to see what is in the documents (if there are any) that convinces RTA this step is necessary. If RTA can do this to Moon Bay Marina, who's to say they would not do it to the next lease holder. Before I would suggest any group or Kitimat get involved, they might want to consider how tenuous any agreement with RTA will be.
So Generous?
Comment by Gerry Hummel on 18th April 2010
Well I am impressed, After polluting the valley for the last 50 years, killing every second tree on mount Clauque, polluting the Kitimat River delta end of the channel so no one trusts eating the dungeness crabs or shrimp caught there, infecting every second oldtimer with intestinal or liver cancer at last they are becoming a responsible corporate citizen and kicking those evil ecoterrorists and irresponsible boatowners out of Moon Bay. Because they are such a thoughtful company they have actually given the proprieter and boatowners an extra 30 days to get outta Dodge...How generous!!
Perhaps a little honesty from RTA is in order
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 18th April 2010
If as they say "they have received many calls from boat owners that understand the decision Rio Tinto Alcan has made," perhaps they should tell the current leese holders just who made the complaints and who are the boat owners using Moon Bay who "understand" the decision they have made. There is something else at play here and a little honesty is in order.
Moon Bay Marina
Comment by Larry Walker on 18th April 2010
If Kitimat town council still wish to see any sort of a population growth as a "fishing paradise and senior retirement community" then they must take immediate action and work with Alcan to redevelop the Moon Bay Marina site. You can't fish the ocean without a boat and you can't have a boat without a marina.
The future
Comment by Danny Nunes on 18th April 2010
Heres a quote from Colleen Nyce from a story that was featured on CFTK News on April 9th 2010.

"its not our goal to close the marina..but it is our business to terminate an unproductive business arrangment."

I wonder how Rio Tinto defines "Unproductive" and what that definition means for Kitimat. kind of Rio Tinto to extend its closure deadline for boat owners after deciding to close the marina due to environmental concerns.

Its almost as kind as the BC Ministry of Environment allowing Rio Tinto to have months to get its fluoride emmisions under control.

Quote taken from Kitimat Daily article entitled " RTA'S CONTRADICTORY ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY"

In his report to Rio Tinto Alcan’s Ingot Magazine for the months of September – October, Paul Henning, President of BC Operations, explains the biggest concern is the smelters emission levels during the spring and summer of 2009, which have exceeded their permit level for fluoride emissions stating they had been in communications with the BC Ministry of Environment and were prepared when they received a letter of Non Compliance in September 2009.

So my question is....since Rio Tinto is also having environmental issues according to the ministry of environment and have so for months....will they be closing there smelter in Kitimat as they did in the case of environmental issues with Moon Bay Marina....or will they wait for the BC government to do it for them.