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REPORTING · 12th April 2010
Walter McFarlane
The regular meeting of City Council is scheduled for tonight, Monday April 12th at 7:30 pm. The meeting should be a blast from the past as several items address the impact of Councilís actions, while others are requests and updates on what has been happening in the community.

There are eight presentations on the agenda for tonight. Itís time for the Monthly Policing Report by Staff Sergent Steve Corp. Laura and Ray Mackenzie wish to speak on litter in Kitimat while Fire Fighter Mark Zielinski wishes to address Council on the 2010 Budget.

Peter King is back from volunteering at the Olympics and he has a presentation about how China could bring business to Kitimat. Returning to Council is the topic of the Eurocan Recreation Passes as Mary John from MJís Gym wishes to address how they have impacted businesses. She is followed by a request for a Grant for the Alcan Anderson Creek Shooting Society.

Bob McLeod comes next with concerns about the Kitimat Emergency Planís funding and volunteers. Finally, Trafford Hall wishes to address Council on the Eurocan Viabilty Study.

Once the minutes from the previous council meetings have been approved, there are three bylaws. The first is in relation to the Financial Plan for 2010 and the Five Year Plan. This is followed by one for changing Backyard Fire Pit regulations. The final bylaw is a refuse control amendment bylaw.

Under communications, Council has received two letters. The first is from Ben Christie requesting community recreation passes. The other is the request for the above grant for the shooting society.

All this and New Business tonight.