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REPORTING · 9th April 2010
Walter McFarlane
Pet owners should be concerned even in the case their cat disappears for a night. Recently, 38 cats have been reported missing in Kitimat, 12 of which, have been found. But where they have been turning up will leave most pet owners outraged.

“In the last three months, we’ve had several cats that seem to be going missing from the area of Kitimat. Somebody is obviously trapping them instead of dealing through complaints or with owners. They are trapping them and dumping them in different areas. We’ve had several cats found down at the old Zanron building that obviously belong to people because they are very friendly,” said Maryanne Baumbach of the Kitimat Humane Society.

Baumbach’s cats did a disappearing act as well. Two of her house cats went missing two months ago and turned up in Vista Village Trailer Park last week.

“We want everyone to know that it is an offense to willingly trap and remove an animal and take it and dump it somewhere, because the animal does rely on provided housing, food and safety and when you are doing this, it does cause stress for the animal. It has been tried in the past and people have been convicted of intentionally causing stress on an animal,” said Baumbach.

She added people who are having problems with cats should instead contact the Humane Society or the owner of the cat rather then removing it from it’s home.

The Humane Society is also still having a problem with the way people abandon their pets at the shelter. On Wednesday, April 7th, workers at the Humane Society came to work and found an apple box taped shut on their doorstep. Inside was a male cat.

“These are the ways that people are finding to dispose of their animals. They’re tying them to shelter doors and putting them in boxes and this is not an appropriate way of dealing with your situation," said Baumbach
Comment by Corene Rolfe on 9th April 2010
A few weeks ago my daughter's cat went missing from Cablecar. It was found by Jim Thorn and his wife near/at Onion Lake trails. This means either the "unsub " ;-) is operating in Cablecar too, or the cat runs marathons. Thanks go out to Jim and his wife for their act of kindness which saw the cat home.

This tiger red/brown tab female has now gone missing again. 639-6558