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COMMENTARY · 1st April 2010
Walter McFarlane

Back in January, in the year in review conclusion the Kitimat Daily suspected 2010 would be a year of uncertainty. With the first quarter of 2010 over, it seemed prudent to look back on current events and see just what is going on.

Some of the metaphorical dominoes mentioned in the year end review have fallen. Others stand firm while even others wobble on steadily waiting for the opportunity to fall.

It is quite obvious this new Council has been unable to mend the divides in the community, which are visible and still drawing new lines. Should Enbridge ship oil from Kitimat? Should Council fund the entire Animal Shelter? Should Mayor Joanne Monaghan and / or other Councillors resign?

But there are more important topics than these and the question we would like to pose is: “Just what is the big picture here?” Eurocan is a common topic in Kitimat meetings these days but is the Eurocan closure from January a cause or a symptom?

The big picture can be defined as: We are a small fish in a big pond in a bigger lake. It is time to either crawl up onto that beach and evolve or keep fighting for the same resources.

The articles to follow relate to and are commentaries on the idea of economic development, one of the hot topics of 2010.