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REPORTING · 30th March 2010
Walter McFarlane
Danny Frederickson, Navjit Pannu and Matt Ruff traveled to Prince George the weekend of the 13th, 14th and 15th of March for a boxing tournament.

According to Boxing Coach, Bill Franklin, the boxers did well. Ruff had an exhibition against kids both taller and older than him. Pannu’s bout was canceled because they were unable to find anyone to fight him and Frederickson had a bout against Randle Graham.

“Danny pursued him around the ring. He was the aggressor. He scored far more punches and when the decision was announced, the referee stood there shaking his head cause it was a home town decision,” said Franklin.

The tournament had 1000 people in attendance. There was also a main event between a Prince George boxer, Kenny Lally and a boxer from Nova Scotia, Joey Laviolette, Canadian Champion. Laviolette won the bout and the judges gave it to him.

The Kitimat Boxing Club will be holding the Aluminium Gloves Tournament on May 16th in the afternoon at the boxing club. The Estorial Boxing Club, Burns Lake Boxing Club, Shao-Lin Boxing Club from Prince George, Quesnel, Prince Rupert and another club from Prince George will participate.

When asked about Boxing not being in the BC Winter Games this year, Franklin expressed disappointment in MLA Robin Austin, who promised to support getting boxing back into the Winter Games, and did not return Franklin’s phone calls.

Austin said Mayor Joanne Monaghan and he spoke in favour of BC Boxing being allowed into the games but the BC Games Society is autonomous from the BC Government. He explained no BC politician could influence the decision.

“When Bill [Franklin] came to meet with the Finance Committee, both Government MLA’s on the Liberals Side and Opposition MLA’s including myself all wanted to see boxing enter and we tried. I called Kelly Mann myself, we wrote letters but it’s something that can only be solved by BC Boxing and the Winter Games society,” said Austin.
Danny Frederickson ready to take on the competition
Danny Frederickson ready to take on the competition
Matt Ruff showed his strength in an exhibition
Matt Ruff showed his strength in an exhibition
BOXING in the Winter Games
Comment by BILL FRANKLIN on 30th March 2010
What our MLA Mr. Austin forgot to mention in his response to Kitimat Daily was his commitment made at our Boxing Rally just prior to the last election. Both he and the Liberal candidate stated that if elected, they would stand up in the BC Legislature wearing boxing gloves and head gear and ask the question why was boxing not being allowed in the Winter Games?

He gave his word and did not keep it.

The Winter Games in Terrace were the smallest on record. Just over 1100 athletes, vs an average of 2000 in the past games. The impact on the economy lost would be about $800,000.
"He explained no BC politician could influence the decision."
Then what use are they, especially an MLA who cannot point to 1 physical accomplishment that he personally can claim.

I promise you 1 thing Mr. Austin. In the next election, where ever you are speaking, we will be there to remind people about what kind of empty words you speak.