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NEWS RELEASE · 23rd March 2010
CEP 298
Thursday, Poyry Forest Industry consulting Inc. (Poyry) briefed the EUROCAN INDUSTRIAL VIABILITY GROUP, on the Eurocan Mill Viability Assessment.

The report was pleasantly received with opportunity for a fundamental different business model for a renewed Eurocan.

The eurocan industrial viability group put many hrs into this commitment.  Moving forward, there are many steps which the group needs to follow through to complete and make this project successful.

Continued commitment from the community is essential.

The group needs to secure the co operation from key players in order to secure fiber long term.

Co operation from West Fraser is vital in order to secure the mill in its present state (preserve the recovery boiler)

The asset needs to be maintained.

An intensive business plan needs to be developed in order to attracted investors, and raise funds for start up and support for other resources.  This will be a cost which the group needs to review.  Although the two locals 1127 and 298 are not receiving any revenue, therefore no funds are available from the CEP union.  I don’t anticipate this being a problem, as I know that the community is dedicated to finding long term employment opportunities in the community.