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COMMENTARY · 17th March 2010
Walter McFarlane
The polling place, as of March 17th has been closed. The reason for this is someone saw it in their best interests to cheat the poll by inflating one of the totals by 400 votes on March 16th between the hours of 6pm and 1am.

In addition, the answer which was spammed was removed from the poll. We apologize to the honest people who voted on the poll that someone's childish act has censored your opinion.
Who has time for this?
Comment by FayEllen McFarlane on 17th March 2010
The thing I wonder is who has the time to do this? I voted twice once because I cleaned all the cookies off my computer with Lavasoft - it also cleared the voting results, and in order to see them, I had to vote again. But it takes time to run that program, and to do that 400 times would take hours! Who has that kind of time? I guess there must be an easier way, but why? There certainly can be no good reason to inflate a vote!
Poll Closure: The Facts
Comment by Danny Nunes on 17th March 2010
Last a quarter to 7...the poll was at 157 votes and 62% were in favor of Joanne resigning.

Later that around 1 in the morning it was observed that the poll had shot up to nearly 600 votes....554 when I checked....and now the poll showed 65% were in favor of Monaghan, Mclaren, & Gottschling resigning.

This led to Joannes number dropping dramatically in the poll.

I guess it would be too obvious if say Mclarens or Gerds resign number shot up to 60% as that would indicate which side in the communitys division was reponsible for this deception of true public opinion or would it?

I find it rather interesting that this all took place during the hours when Former Premier Bill Vander Zalm was holding his meeting on HST at the highschool...its as if this was timed knowing walter would be covering the event and wouldnt be online checking his site....I would also like to point out Walter was the only media present at the meeting.

So to whomever attempted this pathetic attempt at censoring true public didnt win,.,if anything you made your case even worse now and made the Kitimat Daily look like what it is...the best & top source for news in the community since you went to these lengths to sway a poll on it.

Oh and if I were walter or merv ritchie...I would look at the IP addresses on the site at the time it was happening and find out exactly who is responsible so for once Kitimat can truly see who is behind the division in the town.
re polling closure
Comment by Philip Germuth on 17th March 2010
how can somebody get in and do that without being detected. Does this mean there will be no more polls. Is there any way to find out how this happened?
Polling Closure
Comment by Dale & Sandy Flint on 17th March 2010
It's too bad that the "Polling Place" on the Kitimat Daily Online News has been removed because of someone's antics. I found this a good place to measure the feelings of the residence of Kitimat regarding ongoing issues concerning them.