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NEWS RELEASE · 2nd March 2010
District of Kitimat
On Saturday February 27th the Council of the District of Kitimat passed its 2010 budget in principle. The formal budget bylaw is scheduled to go before Council of March 22nd for its first three readings.

As the community copes with the closure of the Eurocan Pulp & Paper Mill, and the loss of an estimated $4 million in tax revenues, Council faced many difficult decisions in its effort to balance the municipality’s services with drastically reduced revenues. The budget reflects a number of careful choices to lower costs with the minimum effect on municipal services. The reductions crossed all departments and also affect the many Community Partnership Groups which provide important services to our town.

Council chose to implement the adjustment tax increase in 2010 to protect principal infrastructure.

The main highlights of the budget are:

* a reduction in the cost of operations of $1,381,000 to be achieved by 2011;

* a tax increase to all assessment classes of just under 20% in 2010 which will increase the average residential tax by approximately $185.00 per year;

* a projected tax increase in 2011 of the rate of inflation

Council believes the decisions made with this budget will be sufficient to manage the municipality without further major shocks either to operations or to taxation. Council appreciates the consequence of these decisions on everyone and will assess their effects over the next several years. Council remains committed to providing the highest standard of municipal services at the lowest possible cost and is confident our community will remain one of the finest places to live in all of BC.
Property Tax Increase
Comment by Kelly Ruff on 7th March 2010
I recently heard a clip from an interview with our Mayor Joanne Monaghan on CBC Daybreak North morning news. She explains that residents wouldn't be too upset with the hefty increase because most residents in the community own 2-3 vehicles, ski-doos and boats. I damn near fell out of bed. I can't believe she would actually say that in public. Yes my family owns 2 vehicles, but up until a month ago, both my husband were employed. For all the families affected, not just the Eurocan employees, it's a slap to the face that will be felt for quite sometime.
From another interview she says she went out on the streets to ask people their opinion regarding the tax hike, and she says not one person has complained to her, infact she was told people were surprised it wasn't much higher. I REALLY find it hard to believe that not one person has complained. What street was she on conducting this poll? Not my street!
My purpose here is not to whine about the tax hike, no I'm not happy with it at all, but to have our Mayor be accountable for her public remarks. I found them to be offensive and uncalled for
Ms. Mayor, FYI....a closed mouth gathers no foot.