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CONTRIBUTION · 7th February 2010
Dieter Wagner
Re: Letter “Time for B.C., to follow in Norway’s footstep” 3 Feb. 2010

Dear Sir:

I am in full agreement; however, we are comparing apples with oranges again.

Mongstad is bringing in raw materials, crude oil, gas, etc. and they have built processing plants:

LNG, oil refinery, petroleum coke processing, desulphurization plant, carbon capture plants.

All facilities which produce high paying jobs and wealth for Mongstad and the country.

What are we doing? Exporting ever more of our raw materials (I believe often at a loss of revenue) coal, crude oil, gas, raw lumber, electric power, minerals (gold , silver, molybdenum, copper …) Are you surprised that we have gigantic deficits while Norway has a $600 billion heritage fund?

In this region alone it is reported that 35% of raw logs go to China and 65% to P.G. and Quesnel; not to mention train loads after train loads of raw logs crossing the border to the U.S. every day.

Why would other countries buy our dimensional lumber, if they get our raw logs for next to nothing and can employ their own people.

The writer of the above mentioned letter says that our NDP MLA and MP are opposed to development. They are not, nor are the environmental groups. All are opposed to crude oil.

I am not very fond of socialism as I have experienced it in my youth and often later in life. But Norway is a socialist country and has been for a long time. They have accomplished excellent things.

What have our present supposedly right wing governments (I would like to call them something

else, but it could not be printed) done? The list of negatives would fill the rest of the page.

Let us just look at a few items in B.C. Sale of B.C. Rail for less than the cost of Olympic security; hand over Kemano Power to a multinational to do with as they please (the courts were

just a front), give away hundreds of rivers to mostly foreign corporations to produce power, often only for part of the year and make us pay for the transmission cost, every year higher taxes, HST, carbon tax on an increasing scale.

We have to take back our province and country and with it our jobs and jobs for our children and grandchildren. I have become less afraid of the socialists than of the destructive “conservatives”.

Finally, don’t blame the environmentalists. They want to protect the jobs we have left, create environmentally safe jobs and protect the unique area of the world we live in. Like a second cousin of mine, who has traveled the world (last year kayaked from Kitimat to Vancouver) said to me: “Protect with all you can muster what you have “.

I have questioned why I write these letters and I found the answer: At one point my

children had well paying jobs in Kitimat, but, those jobs disappeared. Now they work all over the world, their skills are appreciated by large companies wherever they are. We rarely see them.