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COMMENTARY · 1st February 2010
Phil Germuth
Given the latest embarrassment to our community from KTIDS, it seems our that at least 2 of our elected officials might be suffering from a case of 'selective alzheimers'.

Given what both Monaghan and McLaren have previously stated about KTIDS it is almost impossible to believe that KTIDS is able to somewhat control our council chambers.

I wonder how many people in Kitimat remember Richy McLaren at the town hall meeting where he got his standing ovation.Of course this was before he started having his private meetings with RTA and then decided to pull a "Benedict Arnold" on our community. If you remember that meeting you no doubt also remember McLaren referring to a certain group as those who only tell 'half truth after half truth after half truth and NEVER the whole truth.' It was KTIDS members that McLaren was talking about and nothing has changed with that group. About the only difference now is that McLaren is now telling half truth after half truth and never the whole truth.

And of course we cant forget about the now 'infamous' e-mail where McLaren is supporting the possibility of having a district employee fired just because the spouse of that employee expressed their opinion to the Globe and Mail.Yes it is the same e-mail that Richy has tried to say doesn't exist. That is an outright lie. I have seen that e-mail and so have a number of other people. And guess what, KTIDS members names are also part of that document.

As for our Mayor has she forgotten that both herself and our former Mayor Wozney were both publicly thanked because they refused to hand over $330,000 of taxpayers money to a group that has zero financial accountability. Yes that was also KTIDS members through one of their other Alcan funded political groups. Do you remember that Joanne?

And one must wonder if either McLaren or Monaghan remember what happened in our 2005 municipal election. That was when KTIDS had 60% of their Kitimat members running for election . And the voters of Kitimat came out in record numbers to make sure that KTIDS members would not be running our community in any way,shape,or form.

So then why is it now that both McLaren and Monaghan want to now put your future in the hands of individuals who never tell the whole truth and have no idea what financial accountability is. Doesn't make a lot of sense does it?

But how nice it must be now to be a KTIDS member. Our Mayor seemingly doesn't care about the opinions of her own council and has KTIDS now writing her speeches for her. KTIDS didn't even have to run for election- Monaghan and McLaren are just handing our community over to them on a silver platter. Make no mistake McLaren's relationship with KTIDS is just as 'suspect' as the Mayors.

Which is exactly why I don't believe for one second that McLaren is really going to try and find out what happened with the KTIDS-Monaghan disaster at the N.D.I.T. conference last month. Having McLaren 'investigating' his new buddies from KTIDS is just as ridiculous as the RCMP investigating their own members.

After what happened it would only seem prudent that our Mayor and council should absolutely sever any and all ties with KTIDS until the whole truth comes out.

It should also be interesting to see just how lame of a response we'll get from McLaren as he tries to protect his friends at Kitimats expense.

It is laughable to see RTAs response to this issue. In the nicest way possible even RTA doesnt want to touch KTIDS right now with a ten foot pole. But, if KTIDS didnt get this info from Rio Tinto Alcan then where did they get it. Are they just making it up as they go along. Not Bloody likely.

Obviously a very strongly worded letter should be sent from the DOK to every individual, group, or organization that was at the conference. Our new regional district rep Bob Corless will also be watched to see what response he gives at the next R.D. meeting.

From what happened there and the excuses we have so far seen it is obvious that something really stinks and the people of Kitimat are being lied to and sacrificed at the same time by KTIDS and some of our own elected officials.

And while RTA, the NDIT people, and our council have made statements regarding that disaster, whats up with KTIDS. Why no response from them? More than likely they are cowering away somewhere hoping this all goes away while they plan their next scheme to take money from the taxpayers of Kitimat.

Which brings me to my next beef.

Councillor Feldhoff has a conflict of interest with RTA. At the same meeting 2 years ago where Mayor Wozney and Councillor Monaghan were thanked for refusing to hand over $330,000 to a group with no financial accountability, Feldhoff was actually supporting handing the money over.

At that time I asked Mario if that was a conflict of interest because the group he wanted to give the money to was actually financed by RTA. Mario claimed ignorance at the time saying he had no idea this group was financed by RTA even though I showed him the full page ad in our local paper proving they were indeed funded by RTA. Hard to believe an intelligent person like Mario would miss something like that but I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

However now that Mario clearly knows these individuals are funded by RTA how does he excuse the fact that he is trying to get $35,000 which somehow in one week went down to $25,000 and hand it over to his boss's drinking buddies. That may not be a conflict to the letter of the law but it sure doesn't look good Mario. If it was such a great idea then I would think another Councillor would bring it up.

Even worse is that it seems that by identifying the group only as a 'third party' (which we found out was a KTIDS member) Mario is trying to hide from the people of Kitimat who the money was really going to.

Once again how nice it must be to be a KTIDS member at this time. Every other group I have ever seen requesting money from the community has to go to a council meeting, explain who you are and why you are requesting funds. For whatever reason Feldhoff seems to think that KTIDS (his boss's buddies) is so special that he will go behind everybodies back and try to secretly give your money to a group who once again never tells
the whole truth .

And its no wonder with all the garbage going on at council that there is rumors of an organized movement to respectfully request that our Mayor resign.

For now we will all just have to wait and see what our elected officials do about the NDIT disaster.

p.s. Thought I would throw this in- While we have some good individuals on council there are also some good individuals on KTIDS. Problem is it only takes a few bad apples to make the whole group look ridiculous.
3 peas in a pod
Comment by tracey hittel on 4th February 2010
How I find it is so easy to criticize someone or even a group that tries or is trying to make Kitimat a viable option to bring a business into. Instead of disrespecting a city council and finger pointing, I suggest that possibly Phil should run for Mayor/Council or ask to sit on the KTIDS board, negative comments do not solve our problems as a community, and if we continue to poke a stick into the last remaining big businessman in town we will not have to worry about a mayor and council, as the bears will have the town to themselves. Kitimat is under a microscope right now with a future that could be very financially gainful, but if we mock the elected people in power, we make us all look like a circus show and big business will turn there nose to us and leave. Then what will we all do??