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CONTRIBUTION · 1st February 2010
Soon to be unemployed
Congratulations to Hank Ketchum for achieving 100% Raw Log exports from the NorthWest. 35% shipped to China, 65% shipped to PG and Quesnel.

Congratulations to Rodger Harris and the Liberals for establishing the framework for this to happen in 2003 when the OLD Forest Act was GUTTED.

Congratulations to the st Tsimshian Resources official Wayne Drury for creating a value added product by debarking a Raw Log for export...good one! Now all you have to do is set up a BeeHive burner to get rid of the wood waste and it will all make sense.

Congratulations to Pat Bell for all your cozy trips to China with Hank Ketchum. It's hard to tell who our ELECTED officials really represent.

Congratulations to the people of BC for being such a bunch of Pansies and not standing up for the NorthWest

Congratulations to Fort McMurray for having access to yet another skilled workforce from the BC Forest industry

Congratulations to the short sighted Truckers and Loggers association for requested that the 35% Raw Log Export limit be removed so that they can have full access to Raw Log Export because "their industry is in a slump"

Congratulations to all the people in the area that oppose every possible new industrial development (environmentally, territorially etc.) coming to the area and want to throw roadblocks in their way

And Lastly:

Congratulations to Premier Gordon Campbell on his Olympics.
Wake up Skeena Riding
Comment by Oceans on 11th February 2010
The Liberals have done great things for this Province. One are they went to far deregulating was the forest industry. It Oil and gas has lots of Value without the processing not like logs. Our Raw exports of logs is completing gutting our forests for virtually no return. A couple drivers and fallers can take it all out. Time to step back and re regulate some of the remaining forests. It is worth it to invest our tax dollars into attracting secondary industries. We are all going to wood chips because of other forms of energy increasing at an alarming rate, build wood chip manufacturers in every northern town. Everyone is going to hard wood floors, let start manufacturing our own. its not rocket science. Come on if the Chinese can do it we sure the hell can. Get some great incentives for companies to set up shot here in Northern BC.
Initiative petition
Comment by R1chard Jenn1ss on 6th February 2010
"Any registered voter can apply to have a petition issued to gather support for a legislative proposal. "

bc is screwed
Comment by soon to unemployed again (x3) on 3rd February 2010
Im withyou man I cant believe all this has happened to the northwest. I love living here and i think it is BS the premier is basically telling all of us to move away and pay tax in alberta!! why? Hell if I know. Maybe we should only pay the premier Mr campbell a EI wage or minimun wage, I bet he might change his ways then.
Comment by Lanza on 3rd February 2010
Kudos to the author of this article. It's time to get off our collective a***s and do something about what is happening in our province. The thief that is running B.C. won't be around much longer because he's already created his legacy (to whit,OUR olympics) which I'm sure everybody in the north is going to enjoy!..... your dollars....his party. Nuff said.