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Can't make it out?  The photo is attached below.
REPORTING · 27th January 2010
Walter McFarlane
The topic of a presentation at the Northern Development Initiative Trust (NDI Trust) conference in Victoria last week proved to be one of the more significant pieces of business dealt with at the Regular Meeting of Kitimat City Council on Monday, January 25th.  The speakers at the NDI Trust presentation were Mayors Pernarowski, Saugstad, Mussallem, Delves and Monaghan.  Unfortunately, Mayor Joanne Monaghan was not about to receive a pat on the back…

“In regards to your speaking notes, at the Northern Council," said Councillor Gerd Gottschling, "I’m absolutely concerned, it’s inconceivable… you have violated the council agenda and… this… serious notes…”

Monaghan interrupted: “That is an accusation and I will not accept it…”

The presentation in question was called “Northwest BC Economic Briefing” and dealt with opportunities and challenges regarding economic development in the Northwest.

Janine North from NDI Trust wrote that the: “District of Kitimat was invited to prepare input along with the other communities and economic development organizations, and the presentation was provided to members of Liberal and NDP caucuses by the board of Northern Development Initiative Trust last week with guest mayors from the Northwest Regional Advisory Committee in attendance,” said Janine North from NDIT.

According to North, the City of Prince Rupert, the City of Terrace, the Kitimat / Terrace Industrial Development Society (KTIDS), the Terrace Economic Development Athority (TEDA) and their own board members provided the information for the slideshow. The District of Kitimat did not provide anything.

Slide 21 (seen below), one of the slides in the presentation, spoke to the topic of Kemano Modernization. The speaker who spoke to the slide was listed as being Mayor Joanne Monaghan. Councillor Gottschling explained that council had agreed to a list of economic development items which were given to the Mayor when she left for the conference and several of the items that she spoke to, including Kemano Modernization, were not on that list.

Mayor Monaghan stated that the information on slide 21 came from KTIDS. She would later argue that she was not aware that this came from KTIDS until after she had presented it. Councillor Gottshcling pointed out that her name was listed as being the speaker but she was not there to represent the interests of KTIDS. Monaghan stated that she was unaware of where the information came from. However she asked her husband about it and he saw nothing wrong with the it.

Councillor Gottschling stated the husband of the Mayor was not on Council and reminded her of the list Council gave her. Mayor Monaghan replied that she had not received the list before receiving the speaking notes. She added that she saw nothing wrong with her presentation.

Gottschling expressed shock that she would present something that had not been discussed by council. Monaghan pointed out that several of the other items had not been discussed either. The two continued to argue until a point of order was called. Councillor Gottschling stated that this was a serious issue expressing concerns of power sales being put ahead of the aluminium industry.

Councillor Rob Goffinet called a point of order. The debate between Monaghan and Gottschling was going on in such a manner that none of the other Councillors were getting a chance to speak.

Councillor Ritchie McLaren agreed with Gottschling on this topic and pointed out that he had a notice of motion concerning discussing several of the slides coming up. He felt that council needed to address the fallout. Councillor Randy Halyk also expressed concern about the slides because Council had an “Ask List” for the conference and three of the slides were not on their list.

He compared the Mayors name on these slides as being a signature on a cheque. He added that he was not necessarily opposed to the contents of one of the slides, when pressed by Monaghan. He was opposed to council not acting as one, and the Mayor not speaking for council. Halyk was losing his temper now. He stated that the Mayor was given a list of things to speak about and she did not speak to all the items on the list provided by Council although she did speak to items on the KTIDS list. Monaghan explained that she had thought that the slides were things that council had put forward.

“Does anyone else want to chastise me?” asked Monaghan.

“Yeah… no… it’s a good thought, but no,” joked Councillor Bob Corless before adding to it.

Councillor Goffinet did not wish to fault anyone. He stated that when people were delegated to speak on behalf of council, it was hard for them not to speak their own mind. He suggested that McLaren make his motion.

In addition to The Kemano Modernization slide, there were two other slides that council had an issue with as they were not items that were on the list. One was Kitimat Port Development Ownership and Governance which suggested taking over the Eurocan Docks if Eurocan closed. The other slide concerned extending the Kitimat Railway to the Euorcan docks for private export.

Municipal Manager Trafford Hall took Mayor Monaghan’s side. As Mayor of the community, she could speak to items as long as she made it clear that she was not speaking on behalf of the Council. Halyk stated his problem was the Mayor had spoken to several items but, some of the items that interested council were not covered.

McLaren made a motion, Council discuss slides 21 and 22 (taking control of Eurocan‘s Docks). He agreed with Gottschling and was surprised to see slides 21 and 22 with the Mayor’s name on them. He stated the Mayor sent a letter concerning the topics that she was going to talk to, but this list did not include slides 21 and 22.

“The problem I have is that the presentation has the Mayor speaking to both items,” said McLaren. He stated the Mayor speaking to the slides could give people the wrong ideas about Councils priorities. He was not happy with the KTIDS proposals looking like they came from Mayor and Council. Monaghan stated: she did not have the time to go through the slides prior to the meeting although she probably should have. Gottschling suggested from now on, councillors should go with another Councillor to these presentations.

Monaghan offered not to go to one of these meetings again. Gottschling reminded her that she is the Mayor. “Obviously I’m not doing a good Job,” said Monaghan. Gottschling quickly agreed and Goffinet called for a point of order to regroup and discuss the issues. Corless asked Goffinet who made him the referee. McLaren stated they will be meeting with the Minister of Forests, Pat Bell on Monday and was worried the items on the slides which they had not discussed or endorsed prior to the meeting would come up. His motion to discuss the two slides was called and carried.

Monaghan stated, after the Council Meeting, the notes came from NDI Trust and she had thought that their notes had come from Council. “I should have questioned them but I didn’t. […] They were on my desk and I thought they were ready to go. […] I had no idea that administration had not looked at them,“ said Monaghan.

As for the ‘Kemano Modernization Project’ Rio Tinto Alcan confirmed there is no such project on their books and they were unaware of the slide being presented at the NDI Trust conference. On the topic of the Kemano Completion project, Rio Tinto Alcan Spokesperson, Colleen Nyce, had the following to say.

“Kemano Completion Project is a piece of history! […] This project was cancelled by the Provincial Government in the mid 1990’s after Alcan had spent more than $500 million on it. There are no plans today to re-activate KCP,” said Nyce.

The Kitimat Daily has tried to contact KTIDS to attempt to confirm they were the ones who provided the information for the slide. As of publication, they have yet to contact us.
Can't make it out?  The photo is attached below.
Can't make it out? The photo is attached below.
and secondly
Comment by Danny Nunes on 26th February 2010
"I don't check the Kitimat Daily too frequently and rarely on articles that have slipped off the front page."

Oh come on again admit as I concluded correctly that you just pop in and dont follow the articles or commentarys and then make comments on what I post?

If you arent following the entire story how can you expect to make any logical conclusions?

"As tired as one gets trying to get a focus on issues in your posts I will be more diligent in future."

I hope you do become more diligent because this article we are commenting on could be one of the most important in kitimats history.

I am at these meetings in person so I am well aware of whats transpiring well before they become articles on this site.

As for checking for typo's....actually yes I do and in many cases checking for them from the editor on this site as well...ha ha sorry walter.

I told you I would get this to 20 comments
Comment by Danny Nunes on 26th February 2010
Ah Helmut your back...good

I had a bet with someone I could get this story up to 20 comments and looks like I will succeed now that I got your attention on the Terrace Daily.

I dont need any excuse to attack Mclaren or Monaghan....or a better word...criticize them Helmut.

If you read the articles and commentarys on this site it would become quite clear why many are in utter dismay of the mayor and Mr Mclaren & the issue revolves deeply around power sales so I cant imagine how you can sit there and not take them into account unless you arent in fact reading the articles and commentarys.

I mean even the cartoon photo of this article takes a swipe at the mayor & for good reason.

There was nothing to ever get used to Helmut.
Once this article reaches 20 comments...I am done.

I know you pretty well and you gave me what I wanted which is a good comment count number for an important article which will now get more eyeballs out of curiosty.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 25th February 2010
I don't check the Kitimat Daily too frequently and rarely on articles that have slipped off the front page. You comment on the Terrace Daily that I "ran" is nothing more than hubris on your part. As tired as one gets trying to get a focus on issues in your posts I will be more diligent in future.

As for hominum or hominem is that all you got? You ever check your posts for typo's?
All this from one comment...
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 25th February 2010
...which questioned whether Danny had undergone a change of heart on power sales. I still think he has although I have no idea why other than he needs an excuse to attack the Mayor and McLaren. Now he's after me because he is smarting. Get use to it Danny.
Darth Giesbrecht
Comment by Danny Nunes on 11th February 2010
Well Helmut I could once again point out so many assumptions and false conclusions in your latest comment but I am satisfied with my last posts to you as they addressed your accusations and assumptions and to do so again would be quite redundant.

You want to continue division and choosing sides, you are not the solution and you never will be.

Its easy to reminisce about the past and how good things were at certain points in your history but time and society are not a straight line... things are in constant flux and change and its easy for someone to brag when they were in power during the good times and not during the more difficult times.

The real work now will be for the youth to learn from the mistakes of their elders and make sure to not repeat them so that true progress will be made.

Oh and Helmut... if your only hobby is tweeking youths noses now that you are retired may I suggest you take up some online courses in proctology so you can one day succesfully remove your head from your... now thats really ad hominem...” not hominum” as you continually misspell.
Nice try Danny
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 11th February 2010
Trying to make yourself out as the voice of reasoned debate on this site is laughable. All one has to do is read you past posts which consist mainly of the same kind of attacks on various members of your Council. Void of any facts you really have no other means to make you case. You prove it again.

Instead of pontificating and quoting from the Good Book, which I'm sure I know as well as you, you might want to look in the mirror before you preach.

My perception of you was based on your personal attacks on anyone who was saying no to power sales, modernization was never the issue. So it was a pretty fair conclusion to draw that you were pro sales and in favour of a smaller smelter with lower employment levels.

I wonder if you even know the meaning of ad hominum. It seems that when an ad hominum attack is directed at a person then any defense is interpreted by you as ad hominum. Sorry my friend you started the debate along these lines. You could have just answered the question posed to you.

Even in the column about SCI you get it wrong. You never read the whole piece and even if you did you took one reference to "Darth Vader" and ran with it. I thought the similarity between the actions of Darth Vader and Daniel Veneiz had a ring of truth where Terrace was concerned. Talk to former employees about that. Yet I'm now the one who lacks comprehension. You also never debated any of the points I made but again simply went after the only target you saw in the cross hairs.

You see, at least when I comment on these sites I occasionally find someone who agrees with me so I guess it isn't all bad. Could you say the same because most of the time your attacks against the Mayor and Ritchie McLaren are way over the top.

You said, "My posts don't go in multiple directions... they are aimed in one direction and that's trying to get through to a man who as a former MLA could do more than just rant on a website... he could be using his experience and knowledge in practical ways to help and encourage those like Robin Austin... but no... you had enough so now you sit back... congrats."

First, you give yourself far too much credibility when trying to "get through" to me. I don't like your style. I'm content these days just providing a dose of reality once in a while. Reminding people just how good things were in the 90's compared to now. I have no interest in contributing to what is now YOUR party, which I might add is more liberal-light under Carole than I would be content with. I call them like I see them and I have time...lots of it. That is some thing I could not do in the 90's nor did I have the time.

Beside what else could be more fun for a retired retired person than tweeking the nose of a pompous, young know-it-all. Now that is ad hominum.

Helmut where do I begin: Part 2 of 2
Comment by Danny Nunes on 10th February 2010
Now finally I will address your comment about “switching sides”.

This was the most disturbing thing you could have posted because it truly reveals your character.

“Now here is the real issue. I really was interested in how you came to switch sides. That was the perception and I thought I might have misjudged you in the past. You read something in my post that you thought weakened your credibility and shot back... and missed. Sorry to say I was mistaken in my perception that I had misjudged you. So carry on! ·”

I never as you claim “switched sides”. I have always taken both sides into account... left or right... NDP or Liberal... both are two halfs of a whole and for anything to progress one needs to take both into account and not choose sides and divide a society further... this is what happened to my community... its completely divided now along political lines and special interest groups and what has come of it? Nothing Helmut... nothing at all, and you sit there and try to have me choose a side so that division can continue? Go on Helmut quote me again... I can do the same with you as well and people can decide which of us is in the right... but it doesn't matter who is... what matters is each side coming to the table and offering ideas for the benefit of all... and not just for one political ideology.

I don't need to bother with your perception of me Helmut or your judgment... as it clearly states in the bible.

“Judge not lest ye be judged”

So who made you god Helmut? Last I checked that wasn't one of the perks of a former MLA.

And finally Helmut we have this quote from you.

“So please don't try to preach about hypocrisy to anyone. You are in no position to do so. One last question Danny. How is your vote for the liberals working out for you so far? “

My vote for the liberals? funny....once again anyone who does not agree verbatim what you do must automatically be a member of the liberal party? Is that correct Helmut?

Sorry to disappoint you my friend... but my vote was for Robin Austin... he is an MLA I have met in person and although I might not always agree with his ideas I respect his character and ideals... unlike some MLA's of the past I could mention.
Helmut where do I begin: Part 1 of 2
Comment by Danny Nunes on 10th February 2010
Well right off the bat Helmut you prove me right once again by claiming ad hominem right off the bat when there is none and then prove you are the hypocrite... again.

Your reading comprehension is way off and once again I have to bring you back to reality.

First off where in my comment do I support Dan Veniez?... I use your own hypocrisy and point out how you make ad hominem attacks toward someone through these sites and yet for some reason that's okay because what... only your political viewpoint is correct?

“Yes, I have the luxury of not having to put up with the nonsense that passes for political debate. I had to tolerate a lot of that for ten years. Now I have no need to do so.”

You do nothing but so.... what do you call your comments Helmut... are they not debate.... do you even read what you post? You had to tolerate it? Gee I am sure voters are thrilled to hear how you tolerated debate when you were an MLA.

My posts don't go in multiple directions... they are aimed in one direction and that's trying to get through to a man who as a former MLA could do more than just rant on a website... he could be using his experience and knowledge in practical ways to help and encourage those like Robin Austin... but no... you had enough so now you sit back... congrats.

You claim I made no distinction in my comments about modernization and once again I will prove you are wrong.

You quoted me in your second comment did you not? You claimed I didn't make a distinction on my support of modernization... then read this and do it twice this time.

“The people of Terrace can be proud of Mayor Talstra and terrace council because they are pro business and it shows and even with the downward turn in the lumber industry still manage to go on. That’s dedication, that’s effort, and that’s why Jack Talstra and the rest of the northwest want modernization.”

I clearly say I support modernization Helmut... and not once in any of the quote you provided does it say I supported excess power sales... not once... I show that I am pro investment and pro business Helmut... gee what a shock again... I support jobs and investment in this region,... dear god I am the devil himself... or according to you... Paul... disciple of Jesus.

Reading comprehension is important Helmut... Like many who read the bible who pick and choose what they like and don't and come across as hypocrites when they simply want to have things that suit there needs and agenda.
And another thing Danny
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 10th February 2010
Way back in about March of 2008 I wrote a column for the Kitimat Daily titled: "On Having Blind Faith In Alcan". The column related what happened in Terrace with SCI and suggested that Kitimat should be cautious. The first poster named Annie thanked me for my column and your post followed that. Here is your response: (I quote)

"Just do it already Helmut By Danny Nunes 7th February 2008

" Helmut, just run for office again, as its quite clear that you are using the Kitimat & Terrace Dailies as your soapbox for another political run by trying to court Kitimat voters.

I for one would never vote for you and neither would a great majority of voters, especially in Terrace, since you are anti-business like most of your NDP colleagues.

The NDP are the party responsible for the chaos that has befallen BC for years whether it be due to Kemano Completion or fast ferries, & most people in BC got the message except those in this region.

All you are doing along with Kitimat City Council is using scare tactics to try to do what your party has always done: Ruin BC's economy.

Terrace City Council has done a fine job at diversifying its economy and how dare you use the closing of the mill as a way to attack them, I don’t see you bringing up how Kitimat Council has done nothing in recent years but to allow the opening of surplus liquor stores leading to more social problems in the community.

The people of Terrace can be proud of Mayor Talstra and terrace council because they are pro business and it shows and even with the downward turn in the lumber industry still manage to go on. That’s dedication, that’s effort, and that’s why Jack Talstra and the rest of the northwest want modernization.

Your anti-business and oh look at how evil the corporations are leads to the downfall of communities, that’s why the Liberals are in power and BC is recovering, and the only people who elect the NDP are the ones who vote based on emotion rather than logic." (end of quote)

Now you will notice Danny that there is nothing above which addressed any points in my column. In fact it sounds very much like you were completely in agreement with anything Alcan wanted and I won't even get into what has happened to the other mill in Terrace as well as Eurocan. Here was my response to you: (quote)

"To Danny By Helmut Giesbrecht
8th February 2008

" Your response is as predictable as the sunrise. Rather than address the issue you launch into an ad hominim attack and then repeat the liberal message word for word. All the stuff completely unrelated to the topic. It would be a diversion to respond to all those myths.

Let me just say that if you want to debate the specific issue of the economy then and now that is easy to do. It is however clear that we would not be debating the merits of power sales vs. more employment if the liberals were not in power.

Secondly, I am not running for office nor do I write for the NDP. I also don’t think your vote is worth what you think it is. Were I to respond any further and in similar fashion as you, it would be like the schoolyard taunt, ”My old man can beat up your old man” or “Your mother wears logging boots.” (end of quote)

So please don't try to preach about hypocrisy to anyone. You are in no position to do so. One last question Danny. How is your vote for the liberals working out for you so far?
Wow. nothing has changed!
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 10th February 2010
One hardly knows where to begin because it is all over the place and along the same vein as most other posts of yours that I have had to read when surfing through the Kitimat Daily. Instead of answering the question you seem to go off madly in all directions. But that's OK you can do your stuff and make a claim of self righteousness but it rings hollow. You are a master at ad hominum attacks. Maybe you should read your posts a second time.

Yes, I have the luxury of not having to put up with the nonsense that passes for political debate. I had to tolerate a lot of that for ten years. Now I have no need to do so. I get to call them like I see them. I guess that is the same as you except my entire post doesn't contain a personal attack. Oh I can return fire once in a while after I have received some. You think that is hypocritical then I guess it makes you the same. You can't suck and blow at the same time.

Now you even defend Daniel Veniez's. Heaven's, I referred to him as Darth Vader and explained his role in overseeing the demise of SCI in Terrace. Maybe you should try defending him at one of the coffee shops in Terrace. There are a few former employees and contractors might not respond as calmly as I would.

You claim in the past you were only in favor of Alcan modernization. I have news for you, everyone was Danny! It was the size or smelting capacity or employment levels that were at issue! If you read some of your old attacks you made NO distinction. That was the whole issue so don't try obfuscation now. It would be hypocritical of you.

Now here is the real issue. I really was interested in how you came to switch sides. That was the perception and I thought I might have misjudged you in the past. You read something in my post that you thought weakened your credibility and shot back... and missed. Sorry to say I was mistaken in my perception that I had misjudged you. So carry on!
You want a reply it is
Comment by Danny Nunes on 9th February 2010
Ah Helmut our former MLA... it must be nice sitting back and commenting now that your a private citizen and no longer an MLA where your hypocrisy could be pointed out.

Now I know you all too well... you will say... oh my an ad hominem attack.

Helmut for someone who was elected to office... your playbook is mighty thin & you use the same plays over and over again... thank god you weren't on the sidelines for the saints on Sunday or they wouldn't have won the Superbowl.

Let me start this off by saying I never supported power sales...I supported modernization....just as everyone else in Kitimat has and as did Kitimats councils.

You seem to want to see and believe the worst in others and that's a horrible trait for someone who as a former MLA should be seen with some amount of respect but you ruin that by using the same tactics you claim to loathe in others and that's why I always as you claim... tore you a new one.

You wanted to focus on issues and avoid personal attacks yet you would post commentaries that were attacks right from the get go and an example would be “Darth Vader Returns To The Northwest”.
A commentary you wrote for the Terrace Daily about Dan Veniez. There are also countless comments I could refer to where you waiver from the discussion and again use attacks where you chastise others for the same thing and claim to not respect those who do... starting to see Helmut where this is going?

I also recall a comment where you Googled my name and discovered my cable access shows name... Dare To Be Stupid... and then as the mature man you are made a snide remark about me based on that... I had to feel sorry for you as that so called “stupid” program couldn't have been that stupid as one of its writers was a man by the name of Walter Mcfarlane... is that name familiar... it should be as hes the editor of this very site and I don't think many local people or Terrace Daily editor Merv Ritchie would question Walters intellect... the purpose of DTBS was to point out stupidity of those who pre judge something.... congrats Helmut we got you.

I have come to Kitimats defense many times over the years whether to raise money and bring awareness to many social and charitable causes, defending the community from attacks from reporters casting the community in a negative light, and this very site that has now become the top source for news in Kitimat... I could make a very strong case that I not only helped found it but was a key part of its formative years as there was no “alternative media” at all in this region until Walter and I joined forces to bring it here and challenge Black Press & astral media.

And anytime I spoke of something... I also backed it up with ideas and some possible solutions in the hopes that action could be taken to benefit all and at times I have seen that happen.

My principals have always remained the same and when I see a politician being a hypocrite whether its a current or former politician I will damn sure point it out.

And no I am not a different person, I am not an anon poster Helmut... I am the genuine deal and the people in this town who see me at meetings and see someone young who takes an active interest in the goings on of Kitimat will tell you whether they love me or hate me... I get the real story... I don't just read about it online then pick and choose what I like and don't.

If you are just going to use the same playbook as those you attack Helmut based on your past with the NDP then I feel sorry for you... How can anyone decide whats best when both there options are the same at the core and justify there tactics because they believe they are right.
Is this really the same Danny Nunes...
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 7th February 2010
...who a little more than a year ago criticized anyone who was not pro power sales for Alcan? I am genuinely puzzled as one Danny Nunes frequently tried to "tear me another". I'm not interested in getting in between him and his latest target but if I go back and read some of his earlier posts and these recent ones it is like he had a recent conversion on the road to Damascus.

I watch what happens in Kitimat for a lot of reasons and even though I leave the real fighting to others, some observations leave me puzzled. I also have some empathy for a Council dealing with some mayor economic blows and all reminiscent to Terrace back in 1981. If the future population is headed for a major decline that has repercussions not the least of which will be less influence with Victoria. The danger is we become just the hinterland rather than the economic contributor of the past.

I have always contended that that is precisely what was at stake in power sales but that is the past. I'd be interested in the principles that guide Danny now and if/how/why have they changed.
What a load of BS: My Opinion
Comment by Danny Nunes on 4th February 2010
Hey Joanne

What was with your little speech on CFTK news this week where you had this to say.

"Monaghan says its important for such clashes to be dealt with in private and not in the public eye."

In other words... It wasn't bad enough when Joanne enacted new so called rules to censor and silence anyone who questions her or other Councillors during Council meetings, she now wants the media to be shut out as well so it would be a total blackout? Pathetic

During the Wozney era, at least Rick had the guts to allow his critics to come and tear him a new one... critics who were very much pro Alcan and members of the concerned citizens group.

Wozney never had to create so called rules to hide behind because he could take the heat but Joanne cant deal with any questions or critiques so she runs and wonder she wont call the premier...he might get mad and yell & she cant do whats necessary to help Kitimat or maybe she doesn't even want to... after all those years of running for mayor and failing...she finally got in when Rick stepped down... cause if he hadn't and Joanne ran against him she would lose like she did in the past and wouldn't be pulling this crap and there would be no divided Council.

We didn't vote so that we could just handover a community to special interest groups... we also didn't vote for this so called "change' we keep hearing about.... we lost a court case... that doesn't mean we now grovel and whimper and hope we get some table scraps as if we are someones pet dog.

I would rather see a community stand and fight and die then watch it die slowly from cowardice.

Its no longer a time to play nice and smile and hope for the best cause those we are at war with want us to slowly die and will take full advantage of our apathy and cowardice.

Show some pride for once... When Pat Bell was here for the Olympic Torch relay... I watched in disgust as children and the crowd cheered for his speech... the same man who's riding will now reap the benefits of the closure of Eurocan... have you all lost sight completely?
To the editor
Comment by Leon Dumstrey -SooS on 3rd February 2010
This is more than insult to Kitimat in not HAVING TIMELY ECONOMIC REPORT by whoever was responsible to prepare it! SHAME! What is ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OFFICE doing for
160 grand per year or is it new Economic COMMISSION???

Mr.Vales is right,perhaps we should put MORATORIUM on these loose SHIPS that lost not only their COMPASS..they are spilling more OIL on to our Community SLIPPERY SLOPE!

Thank you
Comment by Danny Nunes on 2nd February 2010

Quote from the film "Watchmen"

"Rorschach's Journal. October 12th, 1985: Dog carcass in alley this morning, tire tread on burst stomach. This city is afraid of me. I have seen its true face. The streets are extended gutters and the gutters are full of blood and when the drains finally scab over, all the vermin will drown. The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout "Save us!"... and I'll whisper "no."
Incomptance on council
Comment by Virgil Vales on 29th January 2010
What I saw on Monday night's council meeting has left me very disturbed,the ship is heading for the rocks and there seems to be nobody at the helm.This community is facing the worst of times in it's history,we have a mayor who's vanity keeps getting herself, in trouble by not accepting advice from her council.If this community was paying attention we should be asking for this council's resignation,and take back our community from special interests,and self inflated egos on council.