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CONTRIBUTION · 23rd January 2010
CAPP Facebook Group
A group for Canadians to voice their concerns about prorogation and work towards making a better Canada.

On December 30th, Prime Minister Stephen Harper prorogued parliament, effectively shutting down our democratic institutions for the sake of political expediency. The group started with a very simple idea: Canadians contacting their Members of Parliament and requesting that they return to Parliament Hill on January 25th when parliament was supposed to resume. What a difference we've made. Many MPs have listened and they will be returning to serve the interests of the Canadian people.

What do we do now? We need to keep the pressure on the Prime Minister and our MPs to recognize that there needs to be changes in Ottawa. First and foremost: prorogation. As it stands, the decision to call prorogation is at the sole discretion of the Prime Minister. While proroguing is typically done to signal the end of the parliamentary session, this most recent case has shown that the power can be abused.

If you've already written to your MP, do it again and let them know what kinds of changes you want to see. Should we impose limits on when prorogation might be called? Should it be put before a vote in the house of commons? Don't be shy, you can find your MP's contact information here:

We've built tremendous momentum over the past few weeks, Ottawa is watching and listening. This is our chance to re-write the rules and bring about serious change in the way our country is run. Write your MP, get involved locally and become a politically engaged Canadian!


Dear ,

As you are aware, the majority of Canadians are opposed to this previous prorogation of our government. I am writing to you to request that you and your colleagues in Parliament Hill take immediate action in addressing this issue. I would like to see legislation introduced limiting the power of the Prime Minister to ensure that this doesn't happen again. I thank you very much for your time and look forward to updates on your progress. Sincerely,
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 31st January 2010
So does your 'research' also tell you how many pieces of legislation died on the Order Paper as a result of all that proroguing by Bob Rae as Premier of Ontario, or was the business of that session completed? Does it also tell you how many political hacks he wanted to appoint to the senate in the interim? Does it also tell you if Ontario had regularly scheduled sittings of the legislature as we have federally. or were they called at the whim of the then Premier? Or is the similarity just in the use of the word "prorogue"?
To the Editor
Comment by Leon Dumstrey -SooS on 24th January 2010
I Would like to know if these " Canadians against Proroguing" can even represent "Most Canadians"! Perhaps they should take "Second Exam on Canadian History if they passed the first one" and change their HYPOCRITICAL LEADER who
inspires them so much!

In fact, history tells us that Bob Rae who appears to be a major force in Federal Liberals, criticizing Mr Harper on the subject,while being a Premier of Ontario he Prorogued his Parliament several times:

He won Ontario election on Sept. 6 1990.
On Dec. 19 1991 he prorogued The House until April 6 1992.! On Dec 10 1992 he again prorogued the House until April 13 1993! His "great success" in Ontario/Canadian Politics came to a LIMP so he Prorogued the Ontario House for the third time, on Dec 9 1994 !

The Ontario Legislature was finally dissolved on April 28 1995! He did not have BUDGET that year and Ontario
did not have sitting Legislature for four an half monts! And guess what, there was no 'GRASS ROOTS UPRISING" crying "BOB RAE IS ENDING DEMOCRACY"! But they surely do it to Mr Harper!


Thank you