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Rememberance Day: Corbin Miller and Sophie Schott, an exchange student from Germany, lay a wreath on the Cenotaph. Monique Miller, joins them.
REPORTING · 12th January 2010
Walter McFarlane
It was November. In February, Alcan was on everyone's lips. Now the word was Eurocan. Life continued in Kitimat regardless and by the end of the month, a plan had been formed to save the mill.

Nov 2nd: The BC government establishes itís Green Energy Advisory Task Force. Premier Gordon Campbell believes that Green Energy will play a big roll in British Columbiaís Future.

Nov 2nd: Barry Dobbin, District Manager for the Ministry of Forests and Range, addressed council concerning the forest industry, speaking about raw log exports and Eurocanís Tree Farm and Forest Licenses. When he was finished, Trafford Hall, Municpal Manager, had some recommendations to make to prepare the district for the upcoming budget. Motions were made, failed, passed, etcÖ etcÖ etcÖ

Nov 3rd: All of Kitimatís schools were closed due to the flu that was going around. At 60% of itís students out, Roy Wilcox was hit the worst.

Nov 4th: H1N1 Flu clinics began in Kitimat. The lines were long. The hostpital also took the time to respond to some local rumours.

Nov 6th: The Kitimat Christmas Craft and Gift Fair could not fit another booth into Riverlodge as they were sold out.

Nov 6th: The community of Kitimat squeezed into a tiny room to discuss the future of Health Care with Northern Heatlh. The themes of the evening were: Nursing, Services, Extended Care, Distance, and a response from Northern Health.

Nov 7th: The Kitimat Ice Demons won against the Prince Rupert Rampage 4-3.

Nov 8th: There was a fatal stabbing in Kitimat. The suspect was apprehended later that day.

Nov 9th: Mayor Joanne Monaghan opened council by speaking about what was going on with the plan to save Eurocan.

Nov 9th: Gary Warrens, CAW 2301 President talked to council about supporting Eurocan Families in the community. He suggested giving them free access to recreation programs.

Nov 9th: Staff Sergeant Steve Corp addressed council as to the goings on at the Kitimat RCMP detachment. He promised to make a monthly report to council on RCMP activities.

Nov 10th: The CEP released their statement concerning the Eurocan announcement.

Nov 10th: The District of Kitimat responded to the announcement made by Eurocan.

Nov 11th: Remembrance day Ceremonies were held at the Cenotaph. A traditional service was held to honour the fallen.

Nov 14th: Pat Bell returned from China after a successful trade mission.

Nov: 14th: The Ice Demons devastated the Wolverines 15-1.

Mid November: Lucas Martins was named Fire Chief for the day. He spent the day at the Public Safety Building learning about what Fire Fighters do, the history of the building. He was given the honour of riding in the fire truck as well as being given a scenic view of Kitimat. After a special lunch provided by Dairy Queen with the Mayor, he got to sign some declarations.

Nov 17th: An earthquake off the Queen Charlotte Islands rocked the Sacred Circle. The Earthquake had a magnitude of 6.6 and was felt as far away as Prince George. Schools were closed that morning for inspection for damage and were reopened shortly afterwords.

Nov 19th: The BC Ministry of Environment alerted Washington State of a potential emergency as the ship Hebei Lion was dragged by 75 mile an hour winds and landed on a reef. The BC Ministry of Environment did not tell anyone else about this potential disaster.

Nov 20th: The National Energy Board told the Regional District itís plans for Enbridge: particularly the process for the Joint Review Panel.

Nov 20th: Eileen Hutson started her latest display at the Kitimat Museum. "Scraps and Scribbles" included drawings by herself and a few others which were starting to take up so much room at home that she decided to sell as many of them as she could through a display at the Kitimat Museum and Archives.

Nov 21st: The Ice Demons won against the Smithers Steelheads 2-0.

Nov 22nd: Riverlodge held itís annual Jingle Bell run with a donation to the Food Bank as entry.

Nov 23rd: Mayor Monaghan was left speechless after Denise Lodge thanked her for the work she has done to help get the C.O.R.E.Y. project off the ground.

Nov 23rd: Mayor Joanne Monagahn opened council by raising hopes for Eurocan to be saved. ďWhile we are preparing for the worst, we are hoping for the best. We are meeting with Province, Eurocian Officials, Unions and other interested parties to see what industrial opportunities there are for Eurocan Assets. We can promise nothing but we cannot allow an important community aspect to go without looking at what can be done to save it. We have met with a Chinese Delegation on Friday. There are several other industries that are looking at Kitimat and at itís assets,Ē said Mayor Monaghan.

Nov 23rd: Mayor Joanne Monaghan presented several class projects from Darlene Taitís Grade 3 class at Saint Anthony's Elementary School. The projects highlight Kitimatís Down Town core.

Nov 23rd: Mary Murphy took the stand at a council meeting to speak about the Eurocan Announcement. She suggested that one option to save the plant was for the union to purchase it and announced that the union will be meeting in early December to ask their members to decide.

Nov 23rd: Grant McHutchenson announced that Kitimat was on the right track as far as becoming bear aware. He presented to council concerning what bears have been doing in the community for the past couple of years and where they have been seen / destroyed.

Nov 23rd: Kitimat City Council made it official. Eurocan Families will receive entry to recreation facilities operated by the District of Kitimat.

Nov 23rd: Council agreed to sign a partnership with the Alcan Anderson Creek Shooting Society.

Some time before Nov 24th With all the talk in Kitimat concerning the forest industry, Al Hummel's powerful photos showing the volume of slash burning appeared on the CEP Website. The story linked here is exactly what he found when he was hunting in 2006.

Nov 25th: Rio Tinto Alcan executives met with local contractors to discuss the 2010 building plans. They stated that several million dollars have been invested for upgrades at Kemano and that 2009 saw two major accomplishments: the creation of the camp and changes to the plants layout.

Nov 26th: The Kitimat Fire Department deployed to Service Centre for a fire in the detailing shop behind Pete's Autobody.

Nov 26th: A grow op was busted by Kitimat RCMP.

Nov 26th: Nelson Leeson, the current Simíoogit Axhlaawaals, President of the Nisgaía Nation, passed away in Prince George.

Nov 27th: The On Cue Players began their weekend presentation of the pantomime, Aladdin. Aladdin was played by Carol Warren while Reg Barns played the role of Widow Twanky.

Nov 27th: The BC NDP spoke out about British Columbia holding the worst child poverty in Canada for the 6th year running.

Nov 27th: The Kitimat City Centre Mall held their annual Craft Fair and PJ Day. Sales at businesses in the community encouraged people to shop in their jammies.

Nov 27th: The Kitimat Rotary Club held their annual auction. 250 items were up for bid. The auction was open to view on the 27th and bidding occurred on the 28th.

Nov 28th: The Kitimat Ice Demonís bus broke down in a snowstorm on the way to a hockey game in Hazelton. Although they were late, they played finishing at midnight. The score was 7-5.

Nov 30th: Smithers and Stewart took home trophies from the Peewee / Bantum House Tournament in Kitimat. 16 teams came out to compete, with 8 teams in each division.

Late Nov: Volunteers from the Baptist Church brought the 10,000 Villages to Kitimat to sell items made in other countries. The money from the sales returned to the artisans who made the products.


Brought to you By Rio Tinto Alcan by Merv Ritchie.

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The Year in review wraps up this week. You'll see when it happens but it will wrap up this week.
Lucas Martins is named fire chief for a day.  Here he survays the town.
Lucas Martins is named fire chief for a day. Here he survays the town.
The Rotary Auction took place on Nov 28th.  Rotarians Linda Campbell, Kim McCarthy, Linda Halyk, Cheryl Rumley, Donald Doucet, Joanne Hildebrandt and Brad Hildebrandt and some of the items for bid.
The Rotary Auction took place on Nov 28th. Rotarians Linda Campbell, Kim McCarthy, Linda Halyk, Cheryl Rumley, Donald Doucet, Joanne Hildebrandt and Brad Hildebrandt and some of the items for bid.
 November was a month of craft fairs.
November was a month of craft fairs.
Lawrence Brulotte was selling specialty carved antlers at his craft table at the mall on Nov 28th.
Lawrence Brulotte was selling specialty carved antlers at his craft table at the mall on Nov 28th.