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REPORTING · 10th January 2010
Walter McFarlane
The Max Lange Fund purchase of an Endoscopic Tower was brought up at the recent Kitimat Heatlh Advocacy Group meeting on January 9th.

“There was a little bit of delay due to health issues with one of the individuals involved. Obviously, appropriate paper work needs to be signed because it is a process. However, that all has been signed, The paperwork is all in the system now. We already have the scopes which was the proportion of Northern Heath’s contribution so we have the two scopes on site and the scope tower is in the system now so it’s just a matter of time before it arrives,” said Jonathon Cooper, Site Manager of the Kitimat General Hospital.

He estimated that it would take about 3 months maximum until the scope tower arrives. He added that a third microscope should be ordered in 2011. Mike Dray who was present at the meeting commented that the scope has taken too long to bring in from when it was first needed. Cooper pointed out that they will be getting the new equipment. It is in the pipeline and that there is nothing Negative about this. Dray stood by his statement that it has taken too long to bring in the equipment so the comment was meant to be negative.