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The Mudbogs at Strawberry Medows brought challengers from around the Sacred Circle
REPORTING · 3rd January 2010
Walter McFarlane
If August was anything, it was drama. The events in council chambers which had transpired in July were about to turn ugly... Very ugly...

Aug 2nd: The Jordan World Circus was in town. A letter was sent to council requesting that they ban performing animals.

Aug 3rd: A trio of teenagers moved through the neighbourhoods around the high school harassing people and threatening them. Several cars were broken into and the trio threatened to kill the dog of another owner. One man was attacked when they broke into a neighbour's car.

Aug 4th: BC NDP responded to claims made by the BC Liberal Government that HST will be revenue neutral.

Aug 10th: A Kitimat resident walking home from a friend's spotted fire at Whatís in Store Thrift Shop and contacted the fire department. Someone had set a treadmill left outside the shop on fire and left it to burn.

Aug 10th: Kitimat LNG signed a memorandum of Understanding with Apache Corp for 200 to 300 million cubic feet of Natural Gas Feedstock with the potential to increase to 700 million cubic feet per day.

Aug 11th: Councillor Richard McLaren and Councillor Joanne Monaghan were crucified in council by Phil Germuth and Virgil Vales. Germuth spoke to concerns about just what was going on in the community of Kitimat in regards to Rio Tinto Alcan. He provided a history of Kitimat and information on the power sales. He accused McLaren of selling out what he believed in. Vales kept to the power sales issue but accused McLaren of being the Judas Iscariot of Kitimat.

Aug 11th: Councillor Richard McLaren made a motion to reconsider Councillor Gottscling's Power Sales motion made back in July. The prime concern was not that the motion was incorrect, but that McLaren considered himself an expert on the subject and was not consulted because he was not there. Mayor Joanne Monaghan remained opposed because she was concerned with bringing power into the community. Rob Goffinet made a notice of motion after that to change that aspect of the motion. ďItís really interesting. Weíve been called dysfunctional and I think thatís very evident right now,Ē said Monaghan.

Aug 14th: Riverlodge wrapped up its summer program with activities keyed to the theme of "Under the Sea".

Mid August: The District of Kitimat gave out the Service Centre Recognition Awards. This years' recipients were Bravoís Welding Contractors Ltd, for Most Improved, and Aarin Trucking Ltd, Best Overall.

Mid August: There was fresh ice at the Tamitik Arena. Clubs were practicing their winter sports and several hockey schools started up.

Mid August: With the hot summer sun shining down on the Sacred Circle, the Sam Lindsay Aquatic Centre became the hotspot for residents of the Sacred Circle, attracting families from Terrace, Hazelton, the Nass and all around the region.

Mid August: Rio Tinto Alcan seemed to be going down hill. Employees told us that the pot lines had too many pots out and the emissions were up. Rio Tinto Alcan refused to comment.

Aug 15th: Husky held its annual customer appreciation day with a Barbecue and Mascot. Proceeds from the Barbecue went to support the Kitimat Animal Shelter.

Aug 15th: The second Mudbogs tournament took place at Strawberry Meadows. There were 38 entrants from around the Sacred Circle.

Aug 15th: The Kitimat Museum and Achives wrapped up its summer program with a day at the beach.

Aug 15th: The Sanko Mermaid made Kitimat its first port of call. Mayor Joanne Monaghan was on hand to present a framed photo of Kitimat to Captain Nacario. Deputy Chief Councillor Margaret Grant from Kitamaat Village was also present.

Aug 15th: Mayor Joanne Monaghan put her hand into the barrel full of entries for the Harley Davidson Draw and pulled out a name: Dale Hodges from Prince George was the winner. $21,000 was raised for the Burn Fund.

Aug 15th: A benefit dinner was held for the family of Kyle Robertson, who was injured in a bike accident in June. Although not all went according to plan, there was a heartfelt speech by Jim Robertsonís father and $4000 was raised in a silent auction to help the family.

Aug 15th - 16th The Kitimat City Center Mall is broken into in the middle of the night. Sight and Sound showed signs of broken glass.

Aug 16th: The first annual Mark Teves Soccer Tournament took place in Kitimat. 8 teams played 9 games of soccer. The teams were the Super 8 Boys, the Super 8 Girls and the Super 7 Boys. Terrace took both the Super 8 divisions, but Kitimat's Super 7 team won that division.

Aug 16th: The economic crisis made it difficult for the Wildlife Shelter in Smithers to carry on with their work, as donations were down. They asked people to help support them.

Aug 16th: Ali Howard completed her swim from the source of the Skeena River to itís end. Her swim was to raise awareness of threats to the salmonís security in the Skeena.

Aug 17th: Ottawa was called upon to make a full public inquiry into the Enbridge Pipeline Project. Groups throughout the North have a lot of doubt in the process that is in place for the purpose of reviewing the environmental impact.

Aug 18th: Windows at Wings Travel as well as the window in the front door of the Seniors Centre were smashed in the middle of the night.

Aug 21st: Kitimat Arts for Youth held their annual summer band camp. Michael Wen from the Terrace Symphony Orchestra came to instruct and play along with them.

Aug 24th: A plaque was presented to Joe Iannarelli for the Sam Lindsay Aquatic Centre. Mayor Joanne Monaghan presented him with the plaque on behalf of Northern Development Initiative Trust.

Aug 24th: Kitimat City Council hit an all time low. Virgil Vales suggested that Councillor McLaren resign from council. Councillor Richard McLaren threatened Vales after misinterpreting a statement that had been made at an earlier meeting and admitted that he was trying to work for Kitimat at the cost of his convictions. Phil Germuth asked Mayor Monaghan if she had those numbers that she was going to try and get 6 weeks ago. Councillor Gerd Gottschling lost his temper at Councillor McLaren and called him a liar. Mike Dray, on the other hand, got up and crucified Gottschling for his past motions. The final speaker, Brenda Mitchell stood and applauded Mayor Monaghan and Councillor McLaren for the work that they have done on council, ignoring the meeting that had just taken place.

Aug 24th: Lee Ann Wolfin spoke about how leaky pipes at the Vista Village Trailer Park were leading to itís shutting down. The pipes needed replacement but she could not get the money for the pipes together because she was paying the water bill.

Aug 26th: Kitimat City Centre Mall was broken into for the second time in August. The target this time was Bookmasters, however, the thieves found themselves facing a loud alarm system.

Aug 27th: Debra McPherson, President of the BC Nurses Union was in Kitimat to speak to local nurses about concerns that they were facing in the workplace. She expressed that nurses in Kitimat were worried about retention and the provincial budget.

Aug 27th: 25 northwest residents took their oath to become Canadian Citizens at Kildala Elementary School. Judge Gibault came to Kitimat to present them with their certificate. The new Canadian Citizens came from the Azores, Belgum, Bangladesh, England, Germany, India, Ireland. Japan, the Philippines, Portugal, Romania, South Africa, Switzerland, the USA and Vietnam.

Aug 27th: Classic cars were parked outside the A&W as they held their Cruise For A Cause. Money donated at the store and from the sale of Teenburgers went to fight multiple scerosis.

Aug 28th: The Kitimat Museum and Archives opened its Here Fishy Fishy exhibit featuring artwork revolving around the topic of fish. People were encouraged to come down and vote for their favourite, the winner receiving a prize.

Aug 30th: Delta King Place celebrated its 2nd anniversary with a barbecue and cake.


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Come back tomorrow for our next interlude. Something so big that it sent the town reeling.
Delta King Place celebraites it's 2nd aniversery.  Lucy Borges and Derrick Harris cut the cake.
Delta King Place celebraites it's 2nd aniversery. Lucy Borges and Derrick Harris cut the cake.
Ali Howard arrives in Prince Rupert after swiming the Skeena.
Ali Howard arrives in Prince Rupert after swiming the Skeena.
Awards are handed out at the 1st Annual Mark Teves Soccer Tournament
Awards are handed out at the 1st Annual Mark Teves Soccer Tournament
Break ins occur at the Mall, Wings Travel and at the Seniors Centre. Photo courtasy of Barb Campbell.
Break ins occur at the Mall, Wings Travel and at the Seniors Centre. Photo courtasy of Barb Campbell.