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The colours march at the head of the July 1st parade.
REPORTING · 3rd January 2010
Walter McFarlane
2009 was half over. Spring saw fires, openings, community spirit and much more. The first Canada Day events had passed before July first. More were on the way but not all was well in City Hall.

Early Jul: MP Nathan Cullen held his yearly BBQ fundraiser at the mall. Burgers pop and chips were sold to raise money for the Kitimat Humane Society. $600 dollars were raised.

Jul 1st: Canada Day had something for everyone. Beginning with a pancake breakfast followed by the parade, speeches, awards and fireworks. Canada Day also incorporated a poker tournament which raised funds for the local food bank, dunking RTA representatives, A car show at Tamitik and a dip in the pool into it‘s schedule.

Jul 3rd: Riverlodge held the first day of summer fun. Kids came down to the big gym to interact with the gym leaders.

Jul 3rd: Two exchange students, Phillip Frey from Hellebaek, Denmark and Ville Aberg from Jarveupaa, Finland, left Kitimat. Although there is no place like home they will never forget the time they spent here and all the friends that they made.

Jul 4th: Haisla Avenue was closed once again. This time, it was for the Dave Saunders Memorial Hill Climb. Races began in the morning and continued throughout the day until late afternoon. Bill Boutilier, Rick Meyer and John Symes won in their respective divisions with Symes earning the prestigious title of "King of the Hill".

Jul 6th: The Summer Reading program got underway at the Kitimat Public Library and the Summer of Adventure began at the Kitimat Museum and Archives.

Jul 6th: A driver suffered from a seizure while behind the wheel and collided with a pole cutting out the cable television to Kildala neighbourhood. Residents of the trailer court were concerned about people speeding down Kuldo.

Jul 7th: Douglas Channel Watch requested a public Enquiry into the Enbridge Pipeline Proposal. The organization feared that the process to access the project was flawed and the question of whether or not communities want this project was on everyone's mind.

Jul 7th: Kitimat LNG and Gas Natural signed a Memorandum of Understanding for 30% of the production at Kitimat’s LNG terminal.

Jul 7th: The portrait of Sam Lindsay that once greeted everyone who entered the Memorial Pool found a new home at the Kitimat Museum and Archives. It was painted by Aubrey Creed , the first Fire Chief of Kitimat.

Jul 10th: West Fraser opposed the amount of taxes that Kitimat charged them for 2009. The Eurocan total was $300,000 higher than it had been the previous year.

Jul 11th: At their meeting Kitimat Health Advocacy Group examined the need for more hospital beds. Elective Surgery was still in need of assistance at that time. Although only one person who needed the surgery cancelled during the timeframe, there were others who refused to book appointments because there were no beds. Another discussion concerned trying to get a Kitimat resident on the NHA Board of Directors.

Jul 13th: Rio Tinto Alcan's Paul Henning made another presentation to Council, this time bringing fancy charts to make his point. He wished to update Kitimat City Council and clear up some things that were said at a June Council meeting. He explained that Rio Tinto Alcan did not make any money during the first two months of 2009. He spoke about pots burning out, how much aluminum they were producing this year, and how much electricity they were selling.

Jul 13th: EOG Resources Canada signed an MOU with Kitimat LNG to provide them with 700 million cubic feet of natural gas feedstock per day.

Jul 13th: After a presentation by Maryanne Baumbach, council decided to put some muscle behind the bear bylaw by making a motion to attempt to change just who can hand out bylaw tickets. The motion was carried unanimously.

Jul 13th: Kitimat City Council made a motion to try and help Northern Health make room at the hospital for beds. This was made after three members of the Kitimat Health Advocy group, Barb Campbell, Myrtle Prett and Luella Frosse all took the stand to speak to council about just what is going on at the Kitimat General Hospital.

Jul 13th: Two of Kitimat’s sports teams, Bantam Hockey, and Peewee Softball, were honoured by Kitimat City Council.

Jul 14th: Kitimat celebrated Bastille Day. The day was celebrated with a wine and cheese, the raising of the Quebecois flag at the Chamber of Commerce, and cake.

Jul 15th: Grant McHutchenson, a wildlife biologist specializing in bears, came to Kitimat to research ways to reduce bear human conflict. He met with several groups including the Bear Care Committee and researched where and when bears had been shot.

Jul 16th: The Community Crime Reduction Initiative, Kitimat City Council and representatives of Ultimate Security, Graydon Security and Chubb Security visited locations in Kitimat where they thought cameras were needed. It was an eye opener for Mayor Joanne Monaghan and other delegates who stumbled on a hang out in a store that had been broken into.

Jul 23rd: Fire fighters responded to a garage fire on Hallman street. A stove was accidently turned on, setting objects on top of it on fire.

Jul 23rd: The Honourable Mary Polak, Minister of Children and Family, was in Kitimat to meet with council, the child development center and other groups who work with children about their concerns. One topic that came up during her visit was the government sweeping low income families north.

July 24th: Shriners were tying balloon animals and selling hotdogs outside Overwaitea to raise money for transporting kids to hospitals.

Jul 24th: The Dollar Store by Overwaitea was broken into. Thieves entered through the front window which was said to have been broken by two large rocks.

Jul 27th: Margaret Ferns was given an award of Excellence in recognition of her volunteer work at the Kitimat City Council Meeting.

Jul 27th: Barry Pankhurst, school trustee, made a presentation to council about some of the vandalism that has been going on at the schools. He reported that the school board has had to spend a lot of money fixing the schools after each attack. He also spoke about the budget for the 2009/2010 year stating that the government is funding Olymipics and schools in southern BC, but they are not funding schools in the Sacred Circle.

Jul 27th: Concerned about Eurocan’s recent announcment, Peter King approached Kitimat City Council and stated that he did not wish to see the city blackmailed by one of it’s biggest employers. At the time, he spoke about the black liquor subsidy and the economy in general. [At the same meeting], Council expressed a wish to meet with Eurocan in a public forum about this topic, but it was stated by Mayor Monaghan that Eurocan had already been invited and had refused.

Jul 27th: Dieter Wagner took the stand to speak about a statement that Councillor McLaren had made at an earlier meeting: how the Dogwood Initiative in Vancouver is protesting the Enbridge project. He pointed out just how big the tankers moving through the Douglas Channel would be, and that there was a need for concern.

Jul 27th: Mayor Monaghan's motion to create a car sales lot for private individuals to display their cars was neither carried nor defeated.

Jul 27th: Councillor Gerd Gottschling made a motion: “That the council of the District of Kitimat oppose power sales that threaten the modernization of the Kitimat Aluminum Smelter, and that council opposes further increases to the capacity of the existing power line between Kitimat and Terrace.” Mayor Joanne Monaghan was opposed to the motion, primarily because it was not in the package, but Councillor Gottschling expressed concern over Paul Hennings presentation in early July. The motion was called and carried.

Jul 29th: A Kitimat resident scared off two youth who were in the process of vandalizing a garbage can in the Nechako neighbourhood.

Jul 31st: With all the talk about the HST in January and July, the BC NDP wondered why there was no one talking about it during the recent election campaign.

Late Jul: It was drowning prevention week at the Sam Lindsay Aquatic Centre. X people participated in the challenge and Kitimat won the competition across the Northwest. Particpants had to roll into the water, tread water for one minute and swim 50 metres.


A Final Thought by Walter McFarlane.

Letter to the Editor, Gateway Alliance by Dieter Wagner.

Kitimat Kids Have Nothing Better To Do by Walter McFarlane.
The Honourable Mary Polak visited the Child Developement Centre in late July.
The Honourable Mary Polak visited the Child Developement Centre in late July.
The Dollar Store was broken on the 24th of July
The Dollar Store was broken on the 24th of July
AFFNO celebraites Bastille Day by raising the flag at the Chamber of Commerce
AFFNO celebraites Bastille Day by raising the flag at the Chamber of Commerce
Grant McHutchenson, a wildlife biologist stands with the Bear Care Committee.
Grant McHutchenson, a wildlife biologist stands with the Bear Care Committee.