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It's Bull-O-Rama.  The bulls fight to buck their rider.  Can he remain on?
REPORTING · 31st December 2009
Walter McFarlane
The month of June saw many events in Kitimat from the Bull-O-Rama to the Dragon Boat Festival. However, things are not going well in City Hall when a meeting hits that can only be described as "disappointment prevails" as they begin what is to become a long chain of council meetings that will not fully resolve until October and beyond.

Early Jun: Raffle tickets hit the market for a Harley Davidson. The raffle was organized by the Kitimat Fire Department with all proceeds going to the Burn Fund. The Draw would take place in mid August.

Early Jun: With Canada Day coming up, the Canada Day Central opened up in City Centre Mall. Plans were underway for what would become a spectacular day.

Early June: Renovations were being done on a vacant store in the City Centre Mall area, the old Action Sports store, but none of the workers wished to comment on the new owner.

Early Jun: After the decommissioning of a walkway between Swallow and Teal Streets by City Council, Walter Thorne showed just which walkways were being decommissioned. Included was a particularly large stretch of walkways in the Cormorant Neighbourhood.

Early Jun: The Corella Arrow lands in Kitimat as a first port of call, the second of 2009. Mayor Joanne Monaghan presented a framed photograph of Kitimat to Captain Ivica Majurec. MLA Robin Austin was in attendance.

Jun 1st: At a City Council Committee of the Whole Meeting, Councillor Richard McLaren made a motion to reiterate support of the Modernization Project. Councillor Gottschling reminded him that they have always supported the modernization project. McLaren pointed out that this was not how the rest of BC saw the Kitimat City Council.

Jun 1st: Tony Brady attended the Kitimat City Council Committee of the Whole Meeting to ask about the security cameras. It turned out that now that there was a budget, the cameras would probably not be going up until September, 3 months after the date that the Community Crime Reduction Initiative wanted them to be up.

Jun 1st: Kogus signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Kitimat LNG. With the MOU, Kogus would purchase 40% of Kitimat LNG’s product for a 20 year term.

Jun 4th: It was a bad year for fires in Kitimat as firefighters were called out in the middle of the night to a blaze on Swallow Street. One neighbour stated that the flames were shooting up into the sky and it was fortunate that no one is hurt. There is still some mystery behind the origin of this fire. More is explained here

June 5th: The Kitamaat Village held its election for Chief Councillor and Dolores Pollard received more votes than Steve Wilson. Elected to the Kitamaat Village Council were: Margaret Grant, Kevin Stewart, Brenda Duncan, Ellis Ross, Alex Grant, Keith Nyce, Henry Amos Sr., Godfrey Grant Jr., Gerald Amos and Sylvia Woods.

Jun 6th: The Bull-O-Rama week started in Kitimat. Storefronts were dressed up, competing for a prize of $500 to be donated in the winning stores' name to the Looking for Love Animal Shelter. The Winner was Cook's Jewellers.

June 6th: a perfect day in Kitimat for racing. The Forth Annual Kitimat Dragonboat Races took place at Minnette Bay. Clifford Smith Dotted the eye of the Dragon and the races were on. Kitimat Search and Rescue took Third, Hawkair took Second and the returning champions, the Rio Tinto Dragons took First.

Jun 6th: The Congo Café held it’s grand opening.

Jun 7th: Camoes Week began in Kitimat, starting with the raising of the Portuguese Flag at the Fire Hall followed by a special luncheon of sardines and BBQ Chicken at the Luso Hall.

Jun 8th: Mayor Joanne Monaghan made a plea for the food bank. She stated that there were a lot of new people in town.

Jun 8th: Fire Chief John Klie spoke at the Kitimat City Council Meeting about fire safety after Kitimat lost multiple residences to fire within a three month period.

Jun 8th: Bruce Hill made a presentation to Terrace City Council on what he refered to as a “monumentally bad project.” It was the Enbridge Pipline. He spoke about the tar sands and how it would be impossible to clean up a spill that occurred in Sacred Circle.

Jun 10th: The Big Bike was in Kitimat as a fundraiser for the Heart and Stroke foundation. Only two teams peddled this year, The Heart of Kitimat and the Beautifuls.

Jun 10th: Kitimat City High held its Graduation Banquet, Walk Up and Dance at Riverlodge. There were 19 graduates receiving their Dogwood this year but several had moved on, and only 13 were doing the full walkup. Teachers got a chance to roast their students during the grad ceremony.

Jun 9th: The First Nations of BC and Alberta gathered to oppose the Enbridge Pipeline. Present were representatives of the Mikisew Cree, Kelly Lake Cree, West Moberly, Nadleh Whut'en, Wet’suwet’en, Kitkatla, Gitga’at, Haida, Nisga’a, Lake Babine and Alexander. Also present were MLAs Doug Donaldson, Gary Coons and Robin Austin.

Jun 12th: Seniors Week concluded in Kitimat with cake and a fashion show. Some of the activities that went on throughout the week were Crib, a trip to Terrace for Shopping, Pizza and the Casino, Carpet Bowling, Whist and a trip to the Hot Springs.

Jun 12th: The Kitimat Quilters Guild put on a special display of their work at the Kitimat Museum and Archives. Five of the quilts on display represented a round robin put on by the Quilters Guild.

Jun 13th: A&W opened its doors with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony by Mayor Joanne Monaghan, Chief Councillor Dolores Pollard and the A&W Root Bear. Burgers were on sale and prizes were being handed out.

Jun 14th After a monumentally long lineup, the Bull-O-Rama was on. Each cowboy got two rides on a bull and was awarded points based on the bull they rode and if they could stay on for 8 seconds. Kyle Walgren from Alberta won the rodeo with a score of 85 points. Also present was Carey Price, Goalie for the Montreal Canadians acting as Shootboss.

Mid Jun: With graduation coming, the spraying of Grad slogans around the community dishonoured this prestigious event. Included in the graffittee were assaults against the Eagle Centre and website advertisements.

Jun 16th: Mayor Joanne Monaghan and Councillor Rob Goffinet attended the Northern Health Authority Meeting in Terrace representing the interests of Kitimat. Several problems relating to the hospital were discussed, including the lack of acute care beds because there was no room in extended care. Because there were no beds, surgeons had to cancel elective surgeries. Other topics included a lack of nurses in the ER and the need for endoscope equipment.

Jun 17th: Wiring malfunctions at 101 Indstries in the early morning led to a fire that spread to the roof. Putting out the fire proved to be a challenge for the Fire Fighters as the waterline to Service Centre was under construction at the time and a pipe in the building burst taking some of the water that the firefighters needed to fight the fire. While the fire fighters worked, 101 employees worked to remove equipment from nearby garages.

Jun 17th: After the fire was put out, the crews at 101 Industries begin to rebuild. Smoke and water did the most damage to the building but it was still salvagable.

Jun 18th: Enbridge Representatives were in Kitimat to present a check for $15,000 to the Looking for Love Animal Shelter. After the check was handed over, the dignitaries were given a tour of the new facilities and an explanation on how they were going along.

Jun 19th: Kitimat youth gathered at the library to create Father's Day gifts. The gift was a box filled with candy. Youth who finished their gift could also make a card for their father.

Jun 20th: Although it wasn’t Fathers Day, the Snowflake Senior’s Centre held a special Fathers Day Breakfast of Pancakes and Sausages.

Jun 20th: The First Annual Walk Run Festival took place at Riverlodge, which was packed with runners who came out to particiapate in 5, 10 or 21 km runs.

Jun 21st: Youth came out for a bottle drive to support a friend who had been in a dirt bike accident two weeks prior and was in Vancouver Hospital. This might have been the largest bottle drive in Kitimat history as the amount of money raised was $4,800 before cash donations.

Jun 23rd: Luis Tieves returned to Kitimat City Council to ask about problems with the truck turnaround / parking lot behind his restaurant and a drainage problem which he had first introduced last December. However, council continued to give him the same response. Frustrated, he exclaimed that the council had not changed from the previous one and slammed the podium to the ground.

Jun 23rd: Dr. Howard Thwaites visted Kitimat Council to discuss problems with his veterinary clinic. Particularly, the Parking Lot and the Drainage Ditch that runs along side it.

Jun 23rd: Tony Brady approached council to speak about the cameras once again. He requested that council set a deadline for the installation of the cameras.

Jun 23rd: Council discussed the camera policy further. Trafford Hall presented a new policy which also had several ideas on where to place the cameras that had not been presented before. After some discussion the decision was made to table the motion until a committee of the whole meeting.

Jun 23rd: Mayor Monaghan put forward a motion for the community to create a car lot for people who wish to sell their cars. The motion raised some concerns but managed to pass.

Jun 23rd: The road construction projects in Kitimat came in under budget by $300,000 dollars. The discussion on how to use this windfall bounced around for a bit before council made a motion to put the money into rebuilding other streets in Kitimat.

Jun 23rd: Council made a motion to become intervienters into the BCUC process on the BC Governments power needs. The motion was carried but Councillor Gottschling followed it up with a motion to reiterate council's opposition of power sales. Councillor McLaren was opposed to this motion, which was withdrawn for a later date, however a second motion to have an action plan by September carried.

Jun 25th: Jack Layton arrived in the Sacred Circle. While he was here, he met with CUPE representatives concerning their strike before heading on to Smithers.

Jun 25th: Elan Travel in Kitimat, Terrace and Prince Rupert received the Circle of Excellence. In fact they are the first travel agency outside a major city to win this award.

Jun 25th: KCSS turned 35 years old while Literacy Kitimat turned twenty. KCSS began as a group of volunteers who got together to provide services in the community. Literacy Kitimat began when people could not find work because they could not read or write.

June 25th: The Kitmat Multicultural Society met at the Chamber of Commerce to raise the flags. The Canadian Flag went up, and so did the flags of many other countries including the USA, Portugal, France, Great Brittian and Italy.

Jun 27th: MESS Grads held their walkup at the Big Gym in Mess. The ceremony included speeches by Principal Shiela McInnis, Raymond Raj, Susan Trogi, Grant Frater and Erica McLellan.

Jun 30th: The Child Development Centre celebrated their anniversary by hosting a hamburger BBQ. The CDC has provided learning assistance and skills training for special needs children and offered family support programs in Kitimat for 35 years.


Swine Flue, Peru, Iran Oil and the Media by Merv Ritchie.

Come back on New Years day for number three in our top five count down of significant events in Kitimat for 2009. This time, the significance is not in how much but in how little.
At the Dragonboat festival, Kitimat Search and Rescue took Third, Hawkair took Second and the returning champions, the Rio Tinto Dragons took First.
At the Dragonboat festival, Kitimat Search and Rescue took Third, Hawkair took Second and the returning champions, the Rio Tinto Dragons took First.
Raising the flags at the Chamber of Commerce.
Raising the flags at the Chamber of Commerce.
A&W has their grand opening.  Mayor Joanne Monaghan and Dolores Pollard cut the ribbon
A&W has their grand opening. Mayor Joanne Monaghan and Dolores Pollard cut the ribbon
The photo we had to include.  At the end of the Seniors week fashion show, Lloyd Striker and Bill Whitty show off their swimsuits
The photo we had to include. At the end of the Seniors week fashion show, Lloyd Striker and Bill Whitty show off their swimsuits