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Three cheers for Robin Austin as the votes announce him as the winner.  Austin won every riding in Kitimat.
REPORTING · 31st December 2009
Walter McFarlane
The month of May roared in with a closure to the election as the Sacred Circle selected it's representative. Still May was a month of prestiege in Kitimat. Kitimat raised a lot of money for Cancer Research and people of Kitimat are recognized for the work they do.

Early May: Mayor Monaghan, Tony Brady, Steve Wilson and Gordon Campbell held a private conference call.  The matter of the call was job creation initiatives.  The Harbour end of Haisla Boulivard was suggested to be a part of these talks and Don Ramsey was due to bring in instruments to measure its integrity.

Early May:  With the up and coming election, election signs, particularly in Kitimat’s Downtown core started to become vandalized more and more with the vandals not picking on any particular party.  One person even decided to throw in his hat for the position of Mayor.  We are still looking for a comment from the individual as to why?

May 2nd:  The Kitimat Fire Department held its annual public Safety Fair at the Kitimat Public Safety Building.  Included in the fair this year were a new command vehicle brought down by the Thornhill Fire Department as well as Catering by the new Salvation Army Mobile Kitchen, a vehicle designed to assist in the case of an emergency.

May 4th: Kitimat Search and Rescue put on a special presentation at the Kitimat Public Library dealing with Hiking Safety.   The presentation included the 10 essentials, and what to do in case of a hiking emergency.  A second presentation on Bear Safety took place on the 6th.  The presentation was dedicated to the memory of Christina Huckvale and Chris Markoff, two hikers that did not return from Mount Elizabeth.

May 6th:  The All Candidates Forum  was on in Kitimat… except that there were hardly any people from Kitimat asking the questions.  People from Terrace came over by the busload to speak to the candidates.  One resident showed up and left.  Having seen several school busses parked in the MESS parking lot, he determined that this was a school activity and not an All Candidates Forum.

May 6th:  The Eagle Centre opened a new coffee shop at their centre.  Money raised by the shop provides on-going support for an Orphanage supported by the Eagle Centre in the Congo.

May 7th: Members of three of Canada’s First Nations, including Kitamaat Village Hereditary Chief, Gerald Amos, demonstrated against the pipeline project proposed for British Columbia outside the Enbridge offices. They were given passes so that they could ask questions of the Enbridge Board.

May 7th: Premier Gordon Campbell was in Terrace campaigning in a not so friendly game of Ball Hockey.  The game continued despite Campbell injuring one of the other players.

May 9th: KUTE held their annual seed exchange.  Gardeners young and old came down to the recycling depot to trade seeds, plants and  tips for making that garden grow.

May 9th:  The Relay for Life took place at the Mount Elizabeth Track and businesses, community groups, and cancer survivors came down to walk laps around the track.  The total amount raised was $118,000 which prompted Terrace Mayor David Pernarowski to wear a T-Shirt proclaiming Kitimat as the better fundraisers.  Terrace raised $170,000 which was more, but was also less per capita.

May 10th: The Kitimat Sea Cadets went on parade.  Mayor Monaghan and Lieutenant Richard Fairbairn, their commanding officer carried out an inspection of the Cadets.  Awards were given out during the ceremony and everyone was invited to a reception afterwards.

May 11th:  Camryn Monsen from Terrace was invited to Kitimat City Council to receive a special pool pass for her and her friends to swim in the new pool.  For her birthday, she asked her friends to bring gifts for the Kitimat Humane Society rather than gifts for her.  It was a way of saying thank you for her new friend, a kitten named Zoe.

May 11th: Kitimat City Council wrote a letter to the Terrace Veterinarians asking them to help in the regional coverage.  This was because an animal emergency came up at a time when the local veterinarian was closed.  The pet owners rushed the pet to Terrace vets but were turned away.

May 11th: Paul Henning attended Kitimat City Council to request that council consider combining the two lots where the pot lines are now into one lot.  The new pot line will cross the boundary lot.  He suggested that this was not an issue when Alcan was constructed but it would be today.  Council passed on the information to the Advisory Planning comission.

May 11th:  Council voted to remove a walkway between Teal and Swallow street in favour of a drainage ditch.  This particular walkway was not being used and a majority of the people polled had bad drainage.

May 12th: Sandra Clemente, Methenex Terminal Manager presented $500 to the Humane Society on behalf of Methenex.  

May 13th: The polls closed.  Robin Austin retained his title of MLA for the Skeena RidingDonny Van Dyk conceded defeatThe entire Northwest was held by the NDP party as all of their candidates were voted in.  However, the Liberal Party won the most seats in BC.  Regardless, Robin Austin won every single voting area in Kitimat.

May 14th: A fatal accident in Kitimat occurred near the look out.  Four people were in the car at the time it rolled end over end.  Two children in the back seat and an elderly woman were pull out by an onlooker.  The driver died in the accident.

May 15th:  Haisla Days kicked off with the blessing of two canoes to be used in the first canoe races in 30 years.  Clifford Smtih blessed the canoes.  Haisla Days also included three legged races, a pie eating contest and lunch.

May 15th: Kitimat Scouts attended Totem Trails in Prince Rupert.  Despite the rain, they were given a once in a lifetime opportunity to paddle a Voyager Style Canoe across the Prince Rupert Harbour for a crab lunch.  Totem Trails is a long running Scout Camp in the Northwest.

May 17th:  Kitimat suffered it’s second major fire on Mallard Street.  This time, it’s a triplex that went up in flames.  The cause of the fire was electrical in nature, starting in a study.  One neighbour saw the smoke, got his ladder and managed to rescue the occupant off of a balcony.  Fortunately, no one was injured.

May 22nd:  Tony Falcao presented a wildfire protection plan for Terrace to the Regional District.  While he was there, the topic of pine beetles came up and Falcao admitted that the government has given up on ending the threat to BC forests.

May 23rd: The Mountain View Alliance Church put on two garage sales to raise money to bring food and education to impoverished parts of Mexico.

May 23rd: The Kitimat Public Libratry opened the doors on its annual spring booksale.  Money raised from the sale was to purchase a new puppet theatre for the library.  In addition, it was Free Comic Day in the Library Lobby.

May 23rd: Baptist Church members were flipping burgers to raise money for a trip to Bolivia to put the finishing touches on a seminary there.  

May 23rd: Kitimat Arts for Youth held a bottledrive to raise money for the band.  The money raised was to help fund clinics where the youth could learn more about music, band trips and other things that the school board could not provide.

May 23rd: Memebers of the Harvest Church returned from a trip to the Congo to bring relief to orphans.  Their ministry is operating an orphanage there, giving many orphans a home.  In a country where one in every 13 children is an orphan, this is a mission of mercy in the Broken Heart of Africa.

May 25th: Maryanne Baumbach from the Kitimat Humane Society was looking for new homes to help reduce the number of unwanted pets in Kitimat and relieve some of the strain on the animal shelter.  Pets went to places including Quesnal, Vancouver and Victoria.

May 25th: Lori Johnson from the Chamber of Commerce provided an annual report to the Kitimat City Council.  She reported on the number of people they were providing services to, as well as where, and how they were advertising Kitimat.

May 26th: A transmission pole broke and caught fire, blacking out the Sacred Circle.  BC Hydro crews worked to restore power, and   Kitimat's power was back on quickly.

May 26th:  Terrace and Kitimat City Councils met at Cor’s Restaurant in Kitimat Service Centre for a special dinner.  Although business had been planned for the meeting, it was meant to be more of a social event.  “It’s an agreed way to get to know each other. They have a lot of new councillors and so do we. I think we should get to know each other and work together as a group instead of two separate entities and I‘m looking forward,” said Mayor Joanne Monaghan.

May 27th: A park bench located at Radley Park was Dedicated to union activist, Ross Slezak who passed away on July 1st, 2008.  “He was a long term activist. He never quit. Right from the start, he was active and held positions in the union for all the time he was in Alcan. He never stopped. He was never out of the union in all the years he worked there. He contributed a lot of work to our union. He was determined to do the right thing. He will be missed big time,” said Rick Belmont, former CAW President.

May 28th:  The Kitimat Chamber of Commerce gave the young volunteers of Kitimat a chance to shine and meet with their executive and Kitimat City Council.  Cody Robinson took 3rd place, Monique Losier took second and Carley Carver took first.  They were presented their awards on Canada Day.

May 29th:  MESS Musical Theatre opened Little Shop of Horrors running two shows over two weekends.  The play was a well done version of the Broadway musical with the classic ending.  The play starred Phillip Dos Santos as Seymour and Tobias Kuchen as Mr. Mushnik.

Late May: Sandra Clemente, Methenex Terminal Manager was at the Mayor's Office to present a cheque for $500 to Yvonne Lee of the Looking for Love Animal Shelter Project on behalf of Encanna.


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Ross Slezak, a dedicated member of the Canadian Auto Workers Union who passed away in 2008 recieves the honour of a bench at Raddley Park
Ross Slezak, a dedicated member of the Canadian Auto Workers Union who passed away in 2008 recieves the honour of a bench at Raddley Park
Haisla Days begins with the blessing of a pair of Voyager Canoes for the first canoe races in 30 years
Haisla Days begins with the blessing of a pair of Voyager Canoes for the first canoe races in 30 years
The relay for life raised $118 thousand dollars to go towards cancer research.
The relay for life raised $118 thousand dollars to go towards cancer research.
A fatal car accident claims the life of one Kitimat citizen.
A fatal car accident claims the life of one Kitimat citizen.