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The Grand opening of the Sam Lindsay Aquatic Centre.  Joanne Monaghan, Richard Wozney, Steve Wilson, Sammy Robinson, Maureen Baguski, David Brown, Eylene Craven and Kailen Rigoni cut the ribbon
REPORTING · 27th December 2009
Walter McFarlane
March had come to a close. Thankfully, the Filibuster was over . However there were still some topics that needed to be addressed. Council was about to do it’s budget for 2009 and the pool was about to open. In addition, the 2009 provincial election was about to get underway.

Early April: The Canadian Cancer society held it’s annual daffodil Campaign to raise money for cancer research.  

Apr 3rd: With an upcoming election imminent, MLA Robin Austin opened his Kitimat office.  He was presented a drawing by Gerry Hummel, cut the cake and promised that this election would be about creating jobs in B.C.

Apr 3rd: Museum in the Classroom artwork appeared at the Kitimat Museum and Archive.  Eileen Hutson brought artwork styles to the students and they had their artwork hung at the museum.

Apr 4th: Riverlodge held its Spring Craft Fair.  Ninety three venders come out to sell their crafts and talents.

Apr 4th: The Sam Lindsay Aquatic Centre held its grand opening.  Guests were treated to a tour of the pool, opening speeches, and the ribbon cutting.  The pool came in only $1,000,000 over budget.  Afterwards, the public was treated to a free swim while the dignitaries were treated to brunch.

Apr 3rd, 4th 5th: The Cultural Warming Basketball Tournament took place at MESS and at the Recreation Centre in Kitamaat Village over the third, fourth and fifth of the month.  The winner of the Men’s Division was Terrace Produce.  The Haisla Senior Women took home the first for the women’s division.

Apr 5th: The Kitimat Dynamics Gymnastic Club held its annual spring fling.  Clubs from Kitimat, Terrace and Smithers participated.

Apr 5th: Minister of Forests, Pat Bell was at the Chamber of Commerce to deliver grant money: over $1,000,000 in cheques for which the District of Kitimat had applied.

Apr 5th: Kitimat Arts for Youth held a special gala to prepare for the Pacific North Coast Music Festival.  In addition to the talented youth, Andrea Pedro performed on the piano, Sarah Freeborn played on the violin and Don Clark played the trumpet.

Apr 6th: The Steelworkers Union and the Canadian Auto Workers Union formed a coalition.  The two groups worked together to prevent layoffs at RTA and make certain that the modernization went ahead.

Apr 6th: MLA Robin Austin met with Council prior to the dropping of the writ to talk about the upcoming election and some of the issues.  He also wished to congratulate them on their recent election in 2008.

Apr 6th: With the upcoming budget, Kitimat Council received presentations from the Kitimat RCMP, Library, Museum, Kitimat Arts for Youth, Victim Services, the Humane Society and KUTE.

Apr 7th: UNBC was in Kitimat to talk about how the community of Kitimat would be able to use their services in community research projects.  Dr. Gail Fondahl, Chair of Geography was present to discuss some of the past projects that they have accomplished with other communities.

Apr 8th:  Cathryn Kozak visited the School Board meeting to request that the grad students have their walk up at Tamitik this year rather than at the MESS Gym.

Apr 8th: The school board considered putting up security cameras around the schools.  Also, Trustee Raymond Raj suggested that they should remove bottled water from the vending machines at schools.

Apr 8th: A notice of motion was made at the school board meeting to reduce the number of trustees from nine to seven.

Apr 11th: Boxing Coach Bill Franklin held a rally to try and get boxing back into the BC Winter Games.  Both Robin Austin and Donny Van Dyk attended and agreed that they would support his cause in the BC Legislature.  Mayor Joanne Monaghan also agreed to help do her part to put the sport back into the games.

Apr 11th: The Kitimat Humane Society held a special fundraiser to raise money for their work.  At the time, Maryanne Baumbach reported that they had reduced the number of animals in the shelter by sending them south to screened families.

Apr 13th: Donny Van Dyk opened his Kitimat Office.  He stated that the goal of the Liberal Party was to bridge the divide between north and south, urban and rural and Terrace and Kitimat.

Apr 14th: The BC Book Prizes Tour came to Kitimat.  This year, the authors included Katarina Jovanovic, Robin Stevenson, Elise Partridge and Margaret Horsfield.  Pieter Taljaare from Rio Tinto Alcan donated $500 to the Nechako Elementary School Library.

Apr 14th: Mike Ambach from the World Wildlife Fund was at the Kitimat City Council meeting to speak about what services their Prince Rupert office can offer the Sacred Circle.

Apr: 14th: Citizens concerned about Kitimat’s Walkway System visited the council meeting to request more money in the budget for walkways.  Among them was Walter Thorne who spoke about how the walkways were a part of Kitimat’s original plan.  Lois Godfrey also stepped up to state that four major walkways were slated to close in her neighbourhood, and a playground in the neighbourhood would be useless because there was no walkway going up to it.

Apr 14th: The preparations for the upcoming budget continued with Mount Elizabeth Theatre making their budgetary report and request to the Kitimat City Council.

Apr 14th:  Carswell residents appeared at the Kitimat City Council to complain about the parking situation on their street.  Council made a motion to put up signage around the street and to send a letter to put pressure for better parking facilities.

Apr: 15th:  NDP supporters gathered on the grass along the road to the Service Centre armed with signs advising drivers to re-elect Robin Austin.

Apr 16th: The MV King Yukon made Kitimat its first Port of Call.  Present were Mayor Joanne Monaghan, Denis Clare, several City Councillors and representatives from the Chamber of Commerce.  Mayor Monaghan presented Adol Joseph Baloloy with a  photo of Kitimat.  The guests were treated to a tour of the ship.

Apr 16th: Kitamaat Village Council opened their new Administration Building.  Sammi Robinson, Rose Robinson and Louise Barbetti were called upon to bless the building.  The new building will bring a majority of the services provided by Kitamaat Village Council under a single roof.  Ruth Boone, Amy Woods and Sara Shaw were called to cut the ribbon and open the building.

Apr 17th: Liquid Gold came to Kitimat: a presentation about rivers being given up to independent power producers and just how they would effect the landscape of British Columbia.

Apr 20th:  Tony Brady visited Council for a Committee of the Whole Meeting to discuss the upcoming status of the cameras.  The cameras budget was to be approved during budget time.  Councillor Feldhoff noted that there was significantly less money to budget for the cameras than requested, but Hall assured him that they have done their research  into the cost of the cameras and this was a good starting amount.  Council was provided with a list of areas where the cameras can go up and summary of what other communities are doing.

Apr 20th:  The Hirsche Creek Golf and Winter club paid a visit to council to request a bailout for the upcoming year.  Not as many people were playing golf or buying memberships into the club as they had hoped.  They were running short of cash and one worker had to pay the workers out of his own pocket.  The delegation reminded council that if the city did not bail out the club, then they would probably be taking it over anyway.

Apr 21st: Author Vivian Bowers visited Kitimat to entertain classes at the Kitimat Public Library with excerpts from her books, "Wow Canada", "That’s so Canadian", and "Crime Science".

Apr 21st:  The first of the big fires.  A duplex, 37 and 39 Partridge Street caught flame, and although the fire fighters were unable to determine the cause, they determined that it began in the garage.  Fortunately, no one was in the house when it caught fire.

Apr 21st: Roger Harris from Enbridge donated $5000 to the museum to go towards a special drawer for them to store fossils in and to help develop a program for youth around those fossils.

Apr 22nd:  Concerned parents met at the Mount Elizabeth Cafeteria to discuss the return to the five day school week and the effect that it will have on the spring break 2010.   Many parents enjoyed having the longer spring break.  The School Board expressed that they intend to return to the five day week, however, 2010 will be special because there will be extra days off due to the BC Winter Games.

Apr 23rd: Council met all day with their administration.  The administration requested budgetary items for the 2009 budget and capital projects.  It was also a day for reviewing the accomplishments of each department.

Apr 24th:  Council balanced their budget and tried to keep a tax increase below 5%.  They did it by cutting projects and borrowing from the community's funds for replacing things that need replacing.  Big items included a bail out for the Golf Club, a HUGE amount of money for the animal shelter project and the security cameras around Kitimat.

Apr 26th: The Kitimat Boxing Club held their Aluminium Gloves Tournament.  Participants from Burns Lake Boxing Club, the Prince Rupert Boxing Club and the Sha-O-Lin Boxing Club in Prince George came to participate.

Apr 26th: The Kitimat and Terrace Dailies held a debate for the political candidates in Terrace. Donny Van Dyk, Robin Austin, Anita Norman and Mike Brussau come out to answer questions posed by the public.

April 27th: The Kitimat Interagency Committee, a group that works within the community to ensure that services are available to everyone and welcomes new families into the community,  reported to the city council on their activities and what they are doing in the community. 

April 27th: Tamitik Status of Women attended City Council to announce the Start of the Week to End Violence Against Women.  Cheryl Rumley spoke about some of the initiatives that they would be putting on and provided statistics about violence against women, a crime that she described as being under reported.

Apr 28th: West Coast Amusements came to Kitimat for the annual spring carnival.

Apr 29th: President of Metal Primaire - Amerique du Nord, Jean Simon was in Kitimat to transfer greenbelt lands controlled by Rio Tinto Alcan over to the District of Kitiamt.  The land transfer had been in the works for years and had originally been intended as a gift for Kitimat’s 50th anniversary.


Natural Resources and Profits by Dieter Wagner.

Do You Know Where Your Children Are? by Walter McFarlane

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A Story 5 Years in the Making By Walter McFarlane.

Comeback tomorrow for our second interlude. The number four in our count down is one of great concern and worry and most certainly knows how to fill a room.
Ewan Morgan of the Smithers Saltos performs his routeen on the rings.
Ewan Morgan of the Smithers Saltos performs his routeen on the rings.
Sarah Shaw and Steve Wilson cut the ribbon on the brand new Kitamaat Administration Building
Sarah Shaw and Steve Wilson cut the ribbon on the brand new Kitamaat Administration Building
MV King Yukon pays Kitimat a Visit as it's first port of call.
MV King Yukon pays Kitimat a Visit as it's first port of call.
Kitimat and Terrace Square off in the Cultural Warming Basketball Tournament
Kitimat and Terrace Square off in the Cultural Warming Basketball Tournament